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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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I placed this review right after Undadogg for a reason. Phauna also have elements of Bristol shining through on their new EP. Comprised of Sally Mckay and Mike Young, this Peterborough-based band has a smooth sound, and a well delivered vocal style that will fit right in with fans of The Freight Elevator Quartet and the Junior Boys - mixing in some ambience, some electronics and some sexy vocals. Four of the six tracks on the EP are nestled on the bands MySpace (below) and can be downloaded for free if you are a MySpacer. ‘Halfway Around the World’ has a light, almost air-like delivery, where ‘Standing in The Rain’ brings a more structured beat to the song. File Phauna under ‘cool-ass mellow’ on your playlists. This duo have some real talent behind them - drop by their site and show them some love. - Fazer Magazine - written by Mike Bax

“If there were a musical category called electronic folk that’s where Phauna would fit. The Peterborough-based duo of Sally McKay and Mike Young just put out their fourth release “In the Dark.”
The six-song EP contains unique tracks with deep lyrics, a soothing voice all put on an electronic backdrop. Phauna’s sound is definitely unique. McKay’s voice is soft and airy. Those into their mix of organic vocals with electronic beats will be singing Phauna’s praises.” - The Peterborough Examiner


Never Say Nice (CD) 1995 Big Heart (102.1 The Edge Rock Search compilation CD) 1996 Idiots & Mystics (as Lovage CD) 1998 Naturally (12" as Phauna on Play Records) 2003 Need Rain(12" as Phauna on Play Records) 2003 Paradise (CD as Phauna on Play Records) 2003 in the dark (ep) 2008 (as Phauna)



The most recent recordings that are destined for Canadian singer/ songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sally McKay's latest CD represent a major change from her previous recorded output. Sally's current music has a new intimacy and vulnerability. The electronic elements from past recordings are noticeably absent and with stripped down yet more masterful arrangements with the piano at the center, the acoustic instrumentation is allowed to play freely. This is emotional music that touches the heart. Sally's debut CD "Never Say Nice" was released in 1995. Sally teamed up with frequent collaborator Mike Young in 1998. Calling themselves Lovage they released the stunning and heartbreakingly intimate "Idiots & Mystics". A love of electronic driven beats saw Sally moving more and more into the dance spectrum all the while maintaining the shape and melody of song. 2003 saw the release, under the new name Phauna, of two 12"s and a full length CD, "Paradise" on Play Records, one of Toronto's leading independent dance labels. With a 6 song EP released in 2008, "In The Dark", Phauna combined a more electronic backdrop while lyrically tackling the "lost & found" of life. In 2009 Phauna's "Alway's Here" was chosen as the lead off track for the downtempo compilation "Digital Bliss Vol.2"