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The best hip hop artist coming from South Carolina by far. PhD brings a conscieness to the region that hasn't been seen before. A down south flow filled with creativity has this young businessman ready for the real market world.


About 12 years after young man, Terrell Anderson, was born he knew he loved music. From coming up with his own lyrics to following along with the rappers of his time Terrell could not help but go along to tunes and rhythms flowing through his brain. " I never would imagine that I could later be compared to the legends of my time. I was too busy with the fun of being a musician." At 14years old Terrell begin recording at every studio affordable to him. The experience he gained would forever take him away from the street life he glorified so much. " My rap name back then was Trigga, and I always thought I was the baddest out the bunch. Everyone I recorded with was street point blank period. It's when I finished college that I earned the name PhD." And when PhD says college he's referring to the ever present problem within every community, prison. Incarceration never does good to an individual, but in the case of PhD, it was an all too awful eye-opening experience which he never will boast or make light about. "My situation is real. Millions of brothers and sisters situations are worse than mine is today, so I don't entertain misery or fear. Its too present in there lives for me to create more anew." A Proverbial heart of gold, and a silver tongue will get this young man all he wants out of his music career and probably much more.


PhD's latest single "Get Dat Money" is getting heavy rotation around the web. He's featured in WSOUF radio's newsletter as one of the Top 5 Goon Squad. He has also teamed with The South Cak's State Champ DJ Frosty, and delivered a hit mix tape for the streets named "Grade "A" Mix tape", sold through Snocap, street consignment in record stores, including Mom and Pop locations.

Set List

Usually covering 6-10 min. sets, PhD has showcased at Music Conferences, nightclubs around the southeast region, and he's also opened for others on fairground stages.