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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"What is rock n roll all about?"

Well let me tell you. It's `massive alcohol consumption,strippers with no future,sleeping all day.defying social norms, and last but not least, being in touch with your altered consciousness. Phearus captures the lifestyle and, in some instances, makes you feel guilty for not indulging yourself every so often with there debut album, A Typical Day.

What it sounds like? A bunch of adrenaline-fueled guitar licks laid over hard and steady bass riffs and in your face percussion. Not to mention the vocals that are almost Rob Zombie-ish at times.

Solid Tracks: Pay attention to "Nobody Special", "Lush", "Fight or Flight" These songs illustrate ' Phearus potential.

When to listen to it? While you're pumping some iron at the gym, When you are drinking Jim Bean, or if you feel like inducing a sudden case of road rage. If you got the balls, play it as back ground music when you decide to stylishly break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Where can you get it? ear-x-tacy all Phearus shows, and

Jason Ashcraft Contact writer at
Review writen May 1st 2004 - theVill Maganize.


"A Typical Day" Rel. 2004


1. No Rest
2. Nobody Special
3. Rat Race
4. Run N Hide
5. Lush
6. Down
7. Alienated
8. No Future
9. The News
10. A Typical Day
11. Fight or Flight
12. Dead by Dawn
13. All This


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hailing from Louisville, KY, these four talented, professional musicians have created a powerful, highly-charged entourage of songs with compelling lyrics that speak to everyone. Having played together for many years, the group has hit their stride and is reaching out to a mass audience. Influences from Godsmack, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Tool, and SevenDust shine brightly on various tracks. Having performed with major artists including Tantric, Overkill, Great White, Warrant. Trapt, and Suicidal Tendencies, their stage presence and musicianship are finely honed and to see them perform puts you on a musical rollercoaster ride.

Phearus has been hitting the music industry by storm. They recently inked a management deal with Allbiz Entertainment Group, Inc., and have signed a recording and distribution deal with Stone Room Records. Their debut CD, titled "A Typical Day", has been released and is receiving great praise by critics for its hard-edged vocals, extremely haunting and brutal melodies, and tight beats and sharp musical riffs.

Phearus also signed a music film agreement, contributing tracks for the soundtrack to the soon-to-be released horror film "Intrusion".

Their music has been featured, on various radio stations including Clear Channel’s 100.5 The Fox and Radio One’s 105.1 in Louisville, KY, where they maintained the #1 spot for three weeks. Also heard on the BUZZ 102.9 in Nashville, TN and Durango, CO’s 97.1 KDUR. Also Phearus recieved a 2006 Grammy consideration for Best Hard rock Performance for there song Fight or flight.