BandHip Hop

The feel good era of hip hop mixed with the a new age composition specifically for the original listener.


phenetiks has been stompin' for a while now. Started in 1994 by producer deto-22, the formula has always been a simple and effective one...
dope beats with personality, and MC's who spit hungry. Although the crews roster has changed countless times, the overall vision and philosophy has not. The first sign of concrete was deto-22's chance meeting of Brooklyn native Roc-one in 1998. Even though a youngin' at the time, Roc had a grown ferocity to his voice and laid back lyrics that meshed with deto's off-centered yet melodic production style lovely. While making some small hometown buzz, they involved themselves in a local project, the "Clash of the Titans" with three other area artists (Quest, Spaz) in 2000.
DJ Sir.Cumference came aboard in 2004 as the official phenetiks DJ, and has since solidified himself as the "Show" when phenetiks is live, and another weapon in deto's arsenal of production tricks. The Protege was the fourth and final installment. Childhood friends with Sir.Cumference, and frequent phenetiks studio visitor, Protege has seen the vision the crew had and understood it from the rip. Brought aboard in early 2006 as Hype Man, MC, Promoter, Assistant, he has crafted himself an important factor to the forward movement that has been snowballing over the last year. And now it's here, the crew, the 4, phenetiks in the Rawkus 50. After the self-released album "The Sandbox Set" in October 2006, this is a large and welcome opportunity to spread a little word. phenetiks.


Clash of the Titans 2000
The Sanbox Set 2005
Revolutionary Non-Pollutionary Mechanical Wonder 2007 (Rawkus 50)
Untitled is Hard Enough 2009
Sharing is Caring 2009
My Mom Thinks Im Awesome 2009

Set List

Biggie, "I can Rhyme all night"
Usually preped for a half hour long set

Beatbox Session
Blow It
Kill Your Radio