Homestead, Pennsylvania, USA
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“Everything happens for a reason, but only those who build off of what happens are successful.” - Pheni

I was born Arrys D. Fowler on March 26, 1987. My life has been exciting since the beginning, starting with me being born in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, to being raised by a single mother, and growing up in a rough environment common to cities all over the country. Over time I learned many valuable lessons that I will keep with me for the rest of my life, but through it all, music has been the keystone of my life.

Growing up in the Mon-View Heights Housing Projects, located right outside of Pittsburgh, I had no choice but to do something constructive with my time. At age 11, my interest in music was something that became a serious part of my life. In 1998, I helped form A&E (Armed & Equipped) with two close friends, Stroz and E-Dubb, who was determined as I was, at the time, to become well known artists in the Burgh. In the year 2000, we hooked up with our friend, Hound, which led to us becoming Stand Tall Fam. A group that was later managed by DJ Schizo. During this time, I gained knowledge of the recording process and what it takes to make it in this industry.

By 2004-05, A&E had decided to separate. Dubb had joined the Army Reserve and was at war in the Iraq and Stroz decided to focus on work and further his career. By this time, I knew I had to go for what I was always determined to do. Hound and I established ourselves as solo artists and we also began to work with producer/friend, Len’ Ox, on several tracks. We believed that we were all talented individuals who brought something different to the table, so DJ Schizo and the three of us became a team. At first everything seemed perfect, but as time passed we began to notice that we had different visions for our careers and we decided to go out on our own paths.

Not to long after that I became a father and even got engaged. With all of those changes and responsibilities many artist would consider giving up, but because of those situations I am the artist you see today. After all those years I have seen myself grow as an artist and as a man. I even sparked up an entrepreneurial side. Now, I am preparing to release my debut project, Feelings and Beats, and I am also launching my own label, Keystone Records, with my two partners Leonard and Chris. We are three inspired, passionate young men who all share the same love for music and believe that we have the potential to succeed. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING, CONTINUE TO LOOK OUT FOR PHENI AND KEYSTONE RECORDS!


Get Motivated - Mixtape
Feelings & Beats: Produced by Len' Ox - Mix-Album (Free Download)

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Stop Playin' (Feelings & Beats)
Superstar (Feelings & Beats)
Good Times (Feelings & Beats)
Floatin' (Feelings & Beats)
Rockin' Wit Da Best (Feelings & Beats)
Floatin' (Feelings & Beats)

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Commercial/College Radio - WAMO & WPTS (Pittsburgh)

Set List

I don't have a set list. I perform whatever tracks I'm feeling. The amount of songs depend on the amount of stage time. If you tell me I got 20 minutes I'm going to perform 3-5 songs.