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Bronx, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1991 | SELF

Bronx, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 1991
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Get Ready to Love Phenom"

Phenom puts his heart and soul into everything he does, music included – and it shows. “A Little” opens with clean lines and a slick feel that makes you think, “Why isn’t this on the radio already?” It’s got this hip hop meets pop feel that makes it fit for the mainstream. In “Feels So Nice,” the intro has a throwback to a saloon in the west, but then it comes into modern times with the rhymes. Being a ’90s kid, I really thought this was going to be a cover of Usher’s “U Make Me Wanna.” Instead it was a song all his own. We started off on a high note and that’s where we’re ending with “Beautiful Symphony.” It’s fresh and has this great, light feel to it. It’s the perfect song to get into as the weather starts to warm up. If you’re a fan of hip hop with a mainstream twist, check out Phenom today! ( - Da Hip Hop Place

"Phenom - A Little (feat. June B)"

The artist known as Phenom has been on our radar for quite some time now, especially since he was featured our FLOEmpireRadio family's show The Artistry.

But the Bronx, New York native has always kept relevant in his music, specifically being one of the few to be able to blend his lyrical styling outside of the Rap/Hip-Hop genre.

Case in point, if you are looking for that true summer vibe without the constant filler of wackness, then enjoy Phenom's newest single which gives Hip-Hop & Dancehall new life. - Voiceless Music




Bronx, New York-born Phenom (Jason Pagan) is truly living the American dream. Endowed with an innate talent and yet an even greater gift for pouring out the hard work necessary, the artist is building his own Hip-Hop empire, crafting and creating his own music while helping to promote and produce that of other up and coming artists along the way. He’s sticking to his guns, being true to himself and what he believes, and his unwavering commitment to excellence, substance, and honesty permeates everything the artist touches.

Phenom’s journey has been an unusual one, finding him drop out of school in the eighth grade where he soon discovered the joys of music.

“I first started making music at age 13,” he offers. “My older sister was dating a producer who taught me how to produce beats. After a while of making beats, I started to produce songs for some local artists and by age 16, I was writing songs for other artists as well as for myself.”

Inspired by the work of artists like Nas, Jay-Z, and the legendary Michael Jackson, the artist’s work quickly gained steam, finding him release his first EP, Feeling Like a Champion, in 2011 which boasted popular hits like “Local Celebrity,” featuring DeX! and “My Better Half” which found him teaming with Jovanna. The accolades continued to come, drawing comparisons to artists such as Fabolous, Drake, and Jay-Z, while applauding the unique voice in Phenom’s work.

“I’m not one to emulate trends,” the artist shares. “I keep honesty in my music whether I’m doing a thought-provoking song or something for the radio. I stay true to my character in my music. I don’t put on a persona for sales. And contrary to most Hip-Hop artists, I don’t degrade women or talk about money and violence in my music.”

Similar success and energy fueled the artist’s work on the production end as he was provided the opportunity to work with a variety of producers from all across the globe. He’s executive produced a number of mixtapes, albums, and EPs for multiple artists and also earned his stripes engineering for well-known acts like Triple Seis (formerly of Terror Squad) and Oun-P.

With his commercial, radio-ready sounds on the move, it was time for the artist to roll out the second phase of his master plan, launching his own entertainment company, So Phenomenal Entertainment, at the age of 21. That transition saw him not only working at his own music but wearing an array of hats, taking on duties as executive producer, audio engineer, songwriter, manager, and head of artist development.

Phenom’s built his company around a set of core beliefs that resonate throughout everything he does. Authenticity is chief among his beliefs and finds itself front and center in the company’s  motto, “Be True. Be You. Be So Phenomenal.” Passion is another key virtue that fuels the artist’s drive, in particular a passion that is accompanied by a die-hard work ethic. As the artist shares, “I never considered myself overly talented but I consider myself a hard worker and hard work will always beat talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

Phenom’s formula seems to be working, as the company and his music continue to gain steam, fueled by his lyrical honesty, musical integrity, and his desire for excellence in each and every facet of his business. And when you hear “So Phenomenal” is associated with a new song, you’re going to know it’s something special.    

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