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"Five Random Questions with The Pheromones"

While most bands form in garages, this one had its start somewhere else. It was a night of pirates, Vikings, and ninjas. That was the theme of the party. I was in my best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Donatello mask. Liquor was flowing through the halls of one downtown La Jolla residence, headquarters of the debauchery of seven college students (although at times many more lived there). Several musicians came together in the living room for a drunken jam session. Before long, the house was rocking as the sound traveled through the party, picking up everyone's feet. People were dancing on the pool table. It was chemistry that later became known as The Pheromones.

Genres can be limiting, especially for The Pheromones. Their sound combines the energy of rock, the groove of reggae, and the soul of blues. Harmonized vocals alternate with the vintage sound of the lead Stratocaster guitar, the model used by Jimi Hendrix. This comes together with rhythm guitar, bass, percussion, and keyboard for goose bump-inducing melody. Lyrics remind you what it is to love, to struggle, to be defeated, to strive, to care, to live. It's the kind of music that orders your foot to tap and your eyes to close, putting you in a state of sonic reflection.

Q: A pheromone is described as a chemical released in order to influence the behavior of others. Say your music is that chemical. How does it affect people?

A: When you hear good live music, it puts you on another planet. There's something about the energy and the emotion that gets you high. That's the chemistry people search for in music and in one another - it's a strange combination of tension and desire and that's what we want to bring to the stage.

Q: What was the last thing that made you say, "Damn!"

A: got a nice tape recorder. Come here often?

Q: On the beach or in the park?

A: The question. But wait, the beach doesn't have a tire swing. Definitely the park.

Q: If a person in history hired your band for a party, who would it be?

A: We all know Abe Lincoln was a fan of the performing arts.

Q: What's next? A CD coming out any time soon? Shows?

A: The official release date of our EP is Jan. 2, but we'll have some pre-sale copies at our shows - order them on our website and look out for us at The Local. - Surfshot Magazine - January, 2007

"Music Spotlight: The Pheromones"

UC San Diego is known to have amazing concerts each quarter, but we also have bred some talented artists. We sat down and talked to Craig Schreiber of The Pheromones, a talented rock band with ties back to UCSD.

Q: Describe your music in three words.

A: Organic, Electric, Concise.

Q: Who or what influences your music?

A: From a musical standpoint we represent elements of rock, funk and blues, and emulate both classic rock heroes like Hendrix and Page, and more modern rock like Pearl Jam and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Q: What is your favorite song to play, original or otherwise?

A: "Diggin' a Hole" because it's the first song we wrote as a full band, which is a milestone that is conveyed through the intensity and energy that we put into the song when we play it live.

Q: How has UC San Diego shaped your music or you as a musician?

A: Being the acclaimed academic institution that it is, it was surprisingly hard to thrive as a student band. Nearly every day of our freshman years we entertained passing students with tunes live and direct from our Warren balcony, and consequently were harassed by R.S.O.'s for doing so. Late night practices in Peterson Hall left us with warnings and little hope that our little band could ever reach public ears. I learned that in order to achieve success as a musician you have to mentally transform hardships into hope.

Q: Lastly, when you guys get big, will you come back and play UCSD for free?!

A: If our record company says it's OK. Haha. Of course we will!

Be sure to see The Pheromones perform live on May 25 at F12 Concert Series! Porter's Pub, 12pm. - UCSD PEG (Pocket Events Guide)


Good For You - 2009 (first full length release)
Pheromones EP - 2007



What: Rock / Groove / Soul
Where: San Diego, California
When: Since 2006
Why: "No pharmaceutical product could ever equal the rush you get when the band hits that groove and the people are dancing and shouting and swaying and the house is rockin. The music man...the music...

Remember this...walk away now and you walk away from your crafts, your skills your vocations, leaving the next generation with nothing but recycled digitally sampled techno grooves, quasi synth rhythms, and pseudo-songs of violence laden gangster rap acid pop and simpering saccharin souless slush. Depart now and you forever separate yourself from the vital American legacy's of Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Jimmy Reed, Memphis Slim, Blind Boy Fuller, Louie Jordan, Little Walter, Big Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson I and II. Otis Redding, Jakie Wilson, Elvis Presley, Leeber and Stoller. Turn your backs now and you snuff out the fragile candles of blues R&B and soul, and when those flames flicker and expire, the light of the world is extinguished. Because the music which has moved mankind through seven decades leading to the millennium will wither and die on the vine of abandonment and neglect."

- Elwood Blues