God centered message alternative gospel music. To let everyone knows about the Jesus love. Mensaje Dios centrico en musica cristiana alternativa. Para que todos conozcan acerca del amor de Jesus.


PHES born from the urgency for reach the people to talk them about Jesus love and mercy. We came from differents churches denominations, but we believe in the same God and in the same truth.
We want to visit youth centers, jails, domestic violence protection centers, orphans, single moms, hospitals and/or any other places when we can been a light at the end of the road. Also we can represent any marketing campaign which will be focus to contribute to the social environment. If you want to make a contribution, PLEASE, help us to reach people with our voice... Thanks.


Le Creo a Dios our first production as single. In radio airplay we have "on my knees" (track 6) for the english listeners and "salmo 18" (track 4) for latin listeners. Right know we're recording our second production, the first one as a band.

Le creo a Dios es nuestra primera produccion musical. Pautamos en la radio el himno no. 4 el Salmo 18 y para la radio americana el himno no. 6 On my knees

Set List

1 Eres mi todo 3.37
2 De Rodillas 4.37
3 Contemplando la Vida 3.34
4 Salmo 18 5.09
5 Vida Nueva 2.53
6 On my knees 5.20
7 Dios no es como los hombres 4.53
8 Su venida esta cerca 7.43
9 Gracias Dios 4.35
10 Coritos del ayer 4.35
11 Le creo Dios Mensaje 7.38