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KENTUCKY......then to EVERY HOOD and EVERY PROJECT in the United States of America, Kentucky, USA

KENTUCKY......then to EVERY HOOD and EVERY PROJECT in the United States of America, Kentucky, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


PHIFTY-50 is currently finishing the recording and production of the new album, Grind or Shine at the renown Hinge Recording Studio owned by Craig Bauer of Chicago. Hinge served as Kanye's fortress of solitude in recent time, and through the years has always managed to maintain a presence. Tracks for Diddy, Lil' Kim, Wu-Tang Clan and Da Brat were also made there, and Bauer recently mixed Late Registration's "Addiction," "Roses," "Late" and "Heard 'Em Say." Other artist such as Twista, Bump J, and Lupe Fiasco of Atlantic records (Jay-Z is executive-producing Lupe's forthcoming LP) also record at Hinge. Look out for the PHIFTY-50 album in the first quarter of 2008.
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"If you've ever been fed up with folks that hate just like a Dave Chappelle skit, this is the cut for you. Just remember, if you don't have haters, you're not doing it right." Ozone Magazine, page 35, September 2005. - OZONE MAGAZINE

"Phifty-50 has one of the hardest singles I've heard in 2005. Phifty-50 lets you know that haters gone keep hatin' so just thump them of your shoulders and keep doing what you do." Hood Magazine, page 28, May 2005. - HOOD MAGAZINE

Phifty-50 enter licensing agreement with Happy Vodka, Inc. for an undisclosed sum to use the original recording "HAPPY (To The Head)" as a promotional song to endorse the worldwide sale and distribution of Happy Vodka Liquor Products ranging from vodka, rum, tequila and gin, effective January 2006. -

Midway Games, Inc. and PHIFTY-50 announce licensing agreement for the song LET'EM HATE to be featured on NFL Blitz 2006: Blitz The League. NFL Blitz 2006 will be carried on Playstation 2 and X-box, with anticipated sales between 2-5 million and a release date of October 2005. Midway Games is one of the leading video game manufacturers with other popular video game titles such as NBA Ballers and Mortal Combat. Through their continued relationship look for other PHIFTY-50 songs to appear on future Midway Games products.

To view a promotional video trailer, 'Official Trailer 2’, promoting the game: Blitz The league including use of the song LET’EM HATE goto: -


The New Album titled "GETCHA MIND RIGHT" will be released in January 28th, 2008 by Phifty-50 Records.

Single- LET'EM HATE- street single featured on NFL Blitz by Midway Sports with anticipated sales of 2-5 million.

Mixtape- Welcome 2 the Bang'em released in Jacksonville, FL in conjunction with Happy Vodka promotional tour.

Debut Album- IN DUE TIME- Underground classic which officially put Ray Goody & Lue Chue on the map obtaining successful commercial sales in Florida region.

Single- THE DIRTY- was the number #1 song on Clear Channel's 92.7 The Beat Night Show hosted by personality Easy E for six weeks.


Feeling a bit camera shy


PHIFTY-50 is more than just music. PHIFTY-50 is a lifestyle. Born and raised on the eastside of Jacksonville, Florida, the moniker chosen by group members RAY GOODY and LUE CHUE represent the 50-50 chance they had to make it out da hood by ending up either dead or in jail. In the midst of chaos, PHIFTY-50’s musical career began in the streets of Jacksonville hustling cds and mixtapes and has expanded to a national audience.

PHIFTY-50’s creative formula has been paying off for some time now, giving rise to a strong underground following in the southeast region. Through performing at the TJ’s DJ’s record pool and opening performances for national artist such as the T.I., T-PAIN, TRILLVILLE and FIELD MOB, the duo PHIFTY-50 has garnered a tremendous buzz in Florida and their hometown of Jacksonville.

And with the PHIFTY-50 movement gaining even more followers, their music will continue to resonate with the fans. Now, with the new album, Florida's dynamic duo is poised to take their underground status to another level.

The result is an album that contains plenty of PHIFTY-50’s southern slang, tempered with universal sounds that will move the crowd from Down South to the East Coast. Staying true to the uptempo style of the South, PHIFTY-50 will soon gain national exposure with the growing buzz of the hot street single “LET’EM HATE”, which will be featured on the new edition of NFL BLITZ by Midway Sports (the video game is targeted to sell between 2-5 million copies based on prior sales).

"ENDO" the first single, was produced by Melvin "M-Geezy" Goggins of DA BEAT CLUB. The single is currently in rotation at in clubs throughout the southeast. M-Geezy had produced for national artist like Mike Jones, Juvenile and Lil Boosie. "PRETTY LADY," another single from the album, was produced by Miami's BLACK MOB courtesy of Tone Galvin, one of the South's hottest producers, who has produced club hits such as Shut Up by Trick Daddy, Baddest Bitch by Trina, Ballin’ Boy by No Good, Oochie Pop by Mystikal, and impressive enough that he was recruited by T.I. for production on his current album "TI vs. TIP". "Pretty Lady” is one of the best examples of PHIFTY-50's combination of thug appeal and something laidback for the ladies. With a smooth baseline and guitar “PRETTY LADY” is the perfect radio song for cruising through the South with the top down while pulling over to spit game at one of Florida’s beautiful dime pieces.

RAY GOODY and LUE CHUE are looking to bring their combination of street appeal and commercial appeal to a wider audience. With tracks like “LET’S RIDE” that mixes hip-hop and rock resonating through the speakers like two twelves in the back of a chevy, it won’t be long until the rest of the hip-hop world is on the PHIFTY-50 bandwagon.

PHIFTY-50 has been among the hip-hop underground's anticipated stars for years and are set to explode on the scene in 2008 and expand the sound of southern hip-hop for a number of years to come, so stay tuned….