Altus, Oklahoma, USA

We are a fun, fast, high-energy punk/pop punk band.


In an industry older than most of the rockers it serves, everyone is looking for the next great thing. Enter Philadelphia. A breath of fresh air in this atmosphere we call punk/pop-punk rock. Whether it's the sheer truth in Joshua's voice, the ferocity of Seth's hands and feet, or the unflinching rhythm of David's bass, one thing is sure, this trio from Oklahoma City is going nowhere but up.
With their high-energy live show and undeniable message, Philadelphia is sure to please.


Philadelphia has also become one of's top ten unsigned bands this past summer . Thanks for listening!!

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Leave The Past Behind

Written By: Joshua and Seth Carey

Copyright 2004

I can't seem to understand,
why I have these thoughts I know
I just need your hand,
A lifestyle change is in need
for what I am and should be,
Haven't spoke to you in a while,
cause I want to get it all out tonight


Feelings of imperfection,
Won't you leave the past behind you forever.

Never Knew

Written By: Joshua and Seth Carey

Looking for someone to care for me but I find each time it never works out you see.
It seems all hope has been lost in my heart but with you now I know that we cannot part.


Your all I've ever wanted, I want you to stay, yeah,
I never knew that it could be this way.

I found that person to care for me and He is, He's always looking out for me,
My heart's been filled with no room left inside, it's about to expolde with excitement that I can not hide.

Telling Me

Written By: Joshua and David Carey

Copyright 2003

When you said hello,
I never wanted you to go,
Away, away.
The words you spoke to me,
Would eventually set me free,
But the only person in the way,
Was me.
Should I go or should I stay,
Should I listen and obey,
What's this voice I hear today?

Telling me,
Don't disagree,
Tell me what is right,
It's the spice of life.
Telling me,
Don't disagree,
come and take my hand,
I'll show you God's the man.

I'm headed down the right road,
It seems that way you know,
Come and take my life,
Don't let me go.
It's not easy to say that you,
Need somebody to,
Take away all of your fears,
Make you new.
Should I go or should I stay,
Should I listen and obey,
What's this voice I hear today?


Tell me what is right,
Dont' give up the fight,
I'll leave you with Him,
Let Him com on in.

Won't you live,
Come and give,
Him your all.
It's your choice,
Make it well.


Philadelphia (self titled) Philadelphia (the EP)

Set List

Our sets run from 45 minutes to over an hour, depending on the venue. Some popular covers are played at times and the fans love it. Our songs run about 3 minutes which allows us to play around 15 songs in 40 to 45 minutes.