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Memphis, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Memphis, Tennessee, United States | SELF
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"Local band Philadelphia's EP entitled "Everything is New" reviewed"

Memphis music takes on many different forms. From genre to genre, band to band, each one brings something different to the fray. Alternative band Philadelphia presents their sophomore EP, entitled “Everything is New”, which boasts a wide array of sounds within only four tracks. Listening through the songs one after the other, the EP seems to grab on to sounds similar to that of Coldplay, but staying true to their own unique style. Each individual track has a different sound to offer. From the first track “Awaken” having a driving beat and harmonic vocals, to the second track “Since the War Began” which starts out echoed and heartfelt and crescendos into an epic assault on your aural sense. The final two tracks on the EP, “New Years’ Demand” and “Numb” are similar to the first two songs, but the words and differing melodies make them enjoyable to listen to. Overall, a solid sophomore EP for the quintet from Senatobia, which is on the outskirts of Memphis. The only problem being that there isn’t more to listen to.

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"Philadelphia scores with "Everything is New" EP"

Ah, the EP.

EPs are getting more love these days, as artists are turning away from the album format in favor of shorter collections.

EPs are really meant to whet the listeners' appetites, rather than serve as a mini-album, but most artists forget that. One band that respects the EP's true purpose is Philadelphia.

The indie rock band, based near Memphis, has just released its four-song EP, "Everything is New."

That's right, just four songs. Just enough to get you hooked on the band's meaty, moody melodies and make you want to hear more.

Philadelphia wastes no time at all on the EP. The hopeful "Awaken" kick starts the EP, and the song beautifully blends punchy rock and dreamy melodies.

In the vein of acts like Switcfoot, Philadelphia's lyrics are positive, often religious. The group makes the transition seamlessly, easily moving from tracks like "Awaken" to the more religious "New Year's Demand." The song is heavy, to be sure, but Philadelphia carries the weight well.

"Everything is New" closes with the excellent rock track "Numb." Like "Awaken," the song is catchy enough for rock radio, and the rock is nicely paired with pretty melodies.

Philadelphia's "Everything is New" does everything an EP should do: in just four tracks, it shows off the many sides of the band, and makes the listener wish for a full album. It's entertaining and efficient – something rare in the entertainment world. - Scene Now -


2010 - "Everything is New" EP



Community colleges don't have the greatest of reputations. It may be unfair to generalize, but most community colleges aren't known for fostering artistic community or cultivating musical creativity. However unlikely of an environment it may have been, community college is the place where Philadelphia was born. It was late 2002 when each of the guys began getting to know each other through leading music for a weekly campus Bible study in tiny Senatobia, Mississippi. "We were better friends than we were a band at that point," says guitarist Stephen McNeill, "but there was an unmistakable energy between us." They honed their skills by learning covers and church songs and playing youth events and coffee houses. After two years of playing together, however, the band ended as their time in community college came to a close.

Fast forward to 2006. After getting together and playing music over a weekend with bassist Justin Ricks, the band knew that they couldn't let the fire die. Over the next two years, the band played dozens of gigs, searched out their niche as songwriters, and gave themselves the moniker Philadelphia. A suggestion from former member Josh Kubler, Philadelphia carries several connotations: from the brotherly bond shared by the guys in the band to the Biblical description of the church that met in city of the same name. It's also possible that the band has a mild obsession with the Rocky movies and/or the very notion of a National Treasure.

It didn't take long for the band to find their stride, especially after adding drummer Jason Charnes to the line-up in 2007. The band saved enough money from their gigs to spend the summer of 2008 recording their debut eponymous EP at JT Studios in Memphis. Released in October 2008, the self-titled EP represents the band's commitment to moving forward and achieving creative excellence.

Since recording their first EP, the guys have been traveling all over the Mid-South, playing their music for whoever will listen. They have played concert venues, coffee houses, colleges, churches, conferences, and a local television show. They once even played a yard sale where a kind man with poor English attempted to purchase their gear. Though the band's sound is continually evolving, it could be described as a stout blend of emotional intensity (akin to Manchester Orchestra or Explosions in the Sky), passionate, hopeful lyrics (like those of Switchfoot), and soaring melodies over driving rhythms (in the vein of Copeland and Coldplay).

The band spent most of this year holed up in their tiny practice room (dubbed "The Zone") working feverishly on new songs that push the boundaries of what they are capable of achieving. These songs came together to form Philadelphia’s sophomore EP “Everything is New." It should be interesting to see where the music takes this band of brothers and how that music takes on a life of its own.