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Who is PHILASIFER? A multi-talented musician, emcee and producer with infectious grooves and profoundly poetic lyrics. one listen delivers a potent glimpse of this artist's range, depth, and wide range appeal to both mainstream pop listener and devotees of hiphop.


There is another world behind the cardboard facade called mainstream Hiphop. Virtually every facet of this rich and dynamic culture has been commercially exploited to such an extent that its public face bears only a slight resemblance to its former self. Most emcee’s of the new school refuse to acknowledge the values upon which Rap music was built: truth and experience. It is Emcees like Philasifer who seek to maintain a strong connection with these values and build their artistic edifice on the cornerstone of Rap’s purer elements. Philasifer (Ron Johnson Jr.) has had an affinity for music and performing arts since birth, his mother a singer and his father a trumpet player. Philasifer is an excellent Rapper, Beatbox, and highly skilled producer who plays 7 different instruments and produces and engineers the majority of his own tracks.

“I want to bring my music to the world because I think I have something genuine to say,” says Ron, “ The Rappers that are out now only represent themselves and their bank account, they don’t represent the Hiphop culture as a whole, even though that’s the thing that’s making them rich. ”

“In my music I share what I love: I had a great childhood, have done positive things and I’m still a Hiphopper. I want to show people you don’t need to be negative to be a dope Emcee. There is more to life and more to me.”

There is much more to him indeed. He is a webmaster, amateur filmmaker, video game aficionado, online radio DJ, clothing line designer, computer repairer and builder, and part-time student…Philasifer definitely has both feet on the ground.

So why does Philasifer seek to swim in the mainstream? He states simply, “As long as Hiphop and pop have become one and the same there needs to be a true Hiphop alternative.”

Philasifer is that true alternative.


Underground Release
2000 - My Secret Identity - 100 copies sold
2001 - The Impermiable - 325 copies sold
2002 - Think Different - 600 copies sold

* Unreleased *
2003 - Culture Advance

Published Works

2004 - Higher Learning - Paragraphics Music

2004 - Demo EP - Perfected Dynamics Productions
(Available On ITUNES and other download stores)

2007 - Emceeing Is Believing - SonicWave International Records
(Available On ITUNES and other download stores)

2009 Untitled PHILASIFER project - In Production

Set List

25 - 30 min sets are my specialty, although with the beatbox they can stretch to 45mins. lots of crowd participation and humor in between songs. Can also
bring guest artists to extend the set.