Phil Banks

Phil Banks

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With sick wordplay and a fluid delivery, Phil Banks is the future of Hip Hop. He has the ability to grab a listener's attention and hold them hostage the moment they hear him spit his first bar. It's just impossible to deny his charisma and lyrical ability. To put it simply, "YOU GOTTA PHIL BANKS!"


From the streets of the Neo-soul capitol of the world emerges an artist of profound and epic proportions whose style and lyrics stand alone in an era of Hip-Hop where novelty reigns and all follow suit. As P.Diddy so eloquently puts it... “And it don’t stop!”

Phil Banks, brought into the world as Joseph Bloome, is a 24 year-old Philadelphia native whose powerful presence is bound to bring all the haters, nay-sayers and industry wanna-be's to their knees with his prolific, yet relative, songwriting ability and riveting performance.

Banks began rapping 13 years ago under the influence of some of Hip Hop’s most notable and influential pioneers; Rakim, Jay-Z, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap and KRS-One. Frankly, it is the blending of such influences that gives Phil Banks his highly entertaining and creative wordplay.

Phil Banks, also known as Philly Franchise, derived his moniker partly from his hometown of West Philly and from one of its most widely known stars, Will Smith, and his TV family on "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air", the Banks'.

In the years since discovering his affinity for rap music, Banks has been paving his road to success by working diligently to hone his craft while working alongside many renowned songwriters and Grammy award winners, such as Will Smith, Kelly Rowland and producer/songwriter Robert Waller. Banks has also worked the concert circuit in Los Angeles, New York, and of course, Philadelphia, opening for such acts as Nelly, Sean Paul, The Youngbloods and Nina Sky, to name a few.

Banks’ relentless efforts earned him a lucrative record deal with Universal/Juggernaut Records in 2003 that was terminated shortly thereafter due to creative differences. Unaffected, Banks’ drive continues to take him higher and higher as he continues to grow his fanbase, while accruing praise from some of the heaviest hitters in the industry.

Says Phil, “I was born for this..., man. I don't know anybody out there that can out spit me. My fans already know it, so now I’m ready to let the world know!”