Phil Barnes

Phil Barnes

 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Energized, polished, and uniquely his own. Any one of these words could sell you a product - all three would define what posits Phil Barnes on the edge of long, fruitful musical career.


Given a few minutes, Phil Barnes will show you something. It’s simple and honest - a few words and chords that envelop into a relatable, driven piece of music. His roots in the Americana and Folk genres lend to his sound in an undeniably recognizable way - one that has caught the ears of more than a few. His first single, Letter, cracked the Top 100 in the national Singer/Songwriter charts during its first week of release. Sitting at a comfortable #47, Barnes was able to accomplish this without any professional marketing or promotion.

Since 2010, Barnes has tacked over 250 shows under his belt, garnering attention at both a local and regional level. This summer, he will further his efforts with a tour through the Southeastern US in support of his new EP, Handwritten, due out June 19th. Similar to his first release, Barnes describes Handwritten as a “self-written, recorded, produced, single-microphone piece of work that has captured several, memorable moments.”

His honest approach coupled with road-tested talent has placed him where any songwriter could wish to be – a guitar slung on his shoulders and a microphone placed just ahead. His one request: lend him an ear.


Letter - Single, Released March 27, 2012
Handwritten - EP, Release date: June 19, 2012

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