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"Freeworld Rockin'"

Phil Bellante comes from a long line of politically aware, socially relevant, musically adroit, and vocally unpredictable singer-songwriters like Neil Young, Harry Nilsson, Perry Farrell, Bruce Springsteen, and their deep-thought freeworld-rockin’ brethren. Think Edwin McCain backed by the Cowboy Junkies.

“I was inspired by the way Tracy Chapman addresses social issues in her songs,” says Bellante, “with lyrics that are meaningful and relevant without being preachy.”

Raised in Cleveland, Bellante grew up in a musical family, studying both piano and guitar. “My grandmother was playing piano right into her 90s,” he says, “and that made her one of the coolest people I knew. My mother was a poet, and that has always influenced my lyrics.”

After graduating from college and arriving in San Diego with business degree in hand, Bellante says, “The only business I was interested in was the one called ‘show.’ Luckily, I found a musical partner right away in drummer Aaron Redfield [Switchfoot].”

Bellante and his band perform at the San Diego County Fair on July 5.


1. Tool, 10,000 Days. “I admire the band’s outside-the-box style and unique sound. Songs like ‘Vicarious’ and ‘Right in Two’ have very relevant messages.”

2. Daughtry, self-titled. “I have a pretty similar style with music arrangements, and there are several great songs on this first release of his.”

3. U2, The Joshua Tree. “A timeless masterpiece with a lot of good songs…not just the one or two hits.”

4. Third Day, Revelation. “I’ve been listening to this group since the early ’90s for their uplifting spiritual music and catchy choruses.”

5. David Gray, White Ladder. “Another classic end-of-the-day type of CD that’s great to just relax and chill out to. Good boat and beach music.”


1. “Everything under one roof, and no increased California sales tax.”

2. “A bunch of my friends try to indirectly brag about themselves [using other names].”

3. “Even though people on there are trying to sell pre-owned stuff at above-retail prices, and there are a lot of vehicles for 85 percent off from some military sergeant in the U.K. that just needs me to pay the tax before delivery.”

4. “It has independent commentary on the financial markets and the government — with a lot of sarcasm.”


“They [politicians] are all the same when placed within the system. At least this one speaks a lot more eloquently than George W.”


“Rock Band, because that’s all I do — play in a rock band.”


“This pretentious ponderous collection of religious rock psalms is enough to prompt the question ‘What day did the Lord create Spinal Tap, and couldn’t He have rested on that day, too?’ ” - San Diego Weekly Reader

"Phil Bellante Hoping Poker Theme Song ‘All-in’ To Become Industry Favourite"

Cleveland musician and songwriter Phil Bellante has high hopes for his poker theme song ‘All-in’ which was released on his 2009 album. Bellante’s song is already gaining popularity among the poker media and was well received on a recent airing on Phil Gordon’s ESPN Poker radio.

Phil Bellante has been a poker fan for over 10 years and says, “I would not go as far as saying I am a junkie but I do enjoy getting together with friends once in a while and playing some tournaments…I think the game is great to sharpen your mind as it involves a lot of thinking, math, and psychology.”

Bellante’s song “All In” can be heard at and does seems to capture the feelings and emotions experienced during a poker game. Bellante also mentioned that “some of the top people in Nashville” consider it a “hit song” and poker pro and close friend Phil Gordon commented during the ESPN interview, that he would not be surprised to see the song replacing the WSOP TV show jingle currently used.

Describing the moment he created the song, Bellante explains: “I was sitting around watching a tournament one afternoon and just put myself in the mind of one of the players who went all-in with his hand and then managed to write the song in less than 10 minutes. I then produced the song with a Grammy Award winning engineer a few months later.”

So far the undisputed rulers of the poker theme song are Kenny Rogers with his 30 year old hit song, “The Gambler,” and more recently Lady Gaga with her 2008 song “Poker Face” which reached number one in nearly twenty countries, including almost all major music markets in the world. Whether Bellante’s release will reach those dizzying heights remains to be seen, but in the meantime Bellante is optimistic of his chances and said:

“I think I am holding a good hand with this song and so do a lot of the higher ups in the music world so time will tell.”
- OnlinePoker.Net

"Phil Bellante is “All In” With Poker Themed Song"

“You got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.” Thanks to Kenny Rogers and his hit song, “The Gambler,” those words will forever be ingrained in the game of poker. The song is more than 30 years old, but its popularity has maintained throughout the years as a staple in the ever-expanding poker community.

Phil Bellante hopes his new poker-themed song will have the same impact on the new crowd of poker players. The musician, songwriter, and producer from Cleveland released a new album in 2009 and on it is the track “All In,” a catchy tune that he’s attempting to market as the new theme song of poker. He’s already receiving rave reviews from the poker media. (The song can be heard at

Bellante has been busy promoting “All In” and Poker News Daily had a chance to speak with him about the song, his poker history, and his friendship with a well-known poker pro.

Poker News Daily: So Phil, can we assume that you’re a poker player and fan?

Phil Bellante: Absolutely, a poker player and a huge fan!

Poker News Daily: How long have you been playing and what game(s) do you prefer?

Phil Bellante: I have been playing for at least 10 years and I would have to say that No Limit Texas Hold’em is my game of choice.

Poker News Daily: You recently did an interview with your friend and Full Tilt Pro Phil Gordon on ESPN Radio’s “Poker Edge”. How did you become close with Phil?

Phil Bellante: Phil is my good friend’s brother-in-law, so every year for the past several years, we all get together at their place for Thanksgiving and have a poker tournament. It’s a lot of fun, especially when Phil doesn’t win and somebody that hardly knows what they are doing wins the whole thing. Part of the mass appeal, I think, of the game is the ability for anyone to win at any time because of the luck factor and getting dealt the right hand.

Poker News Daily: Are there any other poker players you like or admire?

Phil Bellante: I admire people like Annie Duke, who has also heard the song and given it a nice review on my site. She is a forerunner for women poker players who are now becoming more involved in the game. That takes some fortitude and guts when it’s a male-dominated sport. I also think the old timers like Doyle Brunson are to be admired, as they started playing the game when very few people could make a living at it like they do today. I think now the appeal is more the big winnings for people rather than a true love for the game.

Poker News Daily: What was your influence for creating the song “All In” and what are your aspirations for it?

Phil Bellante: To be honest, it wasn’t planned, which is usually the underlying ingredient to a great song because it comes from something beyond the intellect and usually connects with people on a deeper level. I was sitting around watching a tournament one afternoon and just put myself in the mind of one of the players who went all-in with his hand and then managed to write the song in less than 10 minutes. I then produced the song with a Grammy Award winning engineer a few months later.

While writing the song, I just pictured myself at a tournament performing it. It would be great to be the entertainment for some of these upcoming poker tournaments and really see it catching fire. I have many people working around the clock in various capacities to get maximum exposure for this song. We are looking at movies, video games, TV programs, Poker Tournaments, etc. I guess you can say, I am going “All In” with this song.

Poker News Daily: Is this going to be “the” poker song for the next generation of poker players to latch onto?

Phil Bellante: “All In” has great potential due to the size of the poker market and its very catchy chorus. Andrew Feldman said during my recent ESPN Poker Radio show interview that the song had been stuck in his head all day. I just received the same comment from some of the top people in Nashville who are very interested in it and choose hit songs for the platinum country artists.

I really feel the song speaks to the poker community. It has that emotional and intense build leading up to a huge swelling chorus that kind of releases all the tension. Every player knows what that adrenaline rush feels like, so they can definitely relate. That is why I think it would be so perfect to sing at a poker tournament.

In the end, only time and the fans/players will be able to determine whether this is the case. The last generation had Kenny Rogers’s song’ “The Gambler,” so I wouldn’t mind him passing the torch to me for the next generation. I think I am holding a good hand with this song and so do a lot of the higher ups in the music world so time will tell.

The song can be downloaded at
- Poker News Daily

"PJ Interview: Phil Bellante about 'All-in' Song"

Recently, I had the opportunity to speaking with singer, songwriter, and producer Phil Bellante. Phil is the writer of the single "All-in", a song that he hopes to license and market as a poker theme song.
Compncards (PJ): Phil, thank you for taking the time to talk to the Poker Junkie nation.

PB: Thank you for the opportunity to talk about the song. It's getting quite a bit of buzz in and around the poker communities lately so I am excited to say the least.

Compncards: Phil, tell us a little about your single "All-in."

PB: I wrote the song about six months ago while watching a Poker tournament on TV. It wasn't planned, I just picked up the acoustic and as I was watching the players at the final table and kind of connected with them regarding the emotion and thoughts involved when playing the game. Then I produced it with a Grammy Award Winning Engineer to make sure the quality was top notch and here we are today.

Compncards: You mentioned on your website that you are friends with pro player Phil Gordon. How did that friendship develop and has he been helping you with marketing All-in?

PB: I have known Phil for quite a few years as I am good friends with his brother-in-law. He recently interviewed me on his ESPN Poker Edge radio show and played the song for his listeners. The feedback has been all good for ALL IN. Other than that, I am self marketing and promoting through every means and method possible to get maximum exposure in and around the poker community.

Compncards: Phil, what type of background do you have in poker? How regularly do you play and what is your favorite poker game? Do you consider yourself a "poker junkie?"

PB: I play quite a bit of Texas Hold Em Poker. I would not go as far as saying I am a junkie but I do enjoy getting together with friends once in a while and playing some tournaments. I don't play online as I like to play face to face to be able to have the element present of trying to read people and that is what you miss, in my opinion, with online poker. I think the game is great to sharpen your mind as it involves a lot of thinking, math, and psychology.

Compncards: I've listened to "All-in" and the song does seem to truly capture the feeling of the all-in moment. Have you been in contact with any poker TV producers or organizations such as Harrah's in regards to marketing your song? How has the response been to your song?

PB: Phil Gordon mentions on the interview that he could see the song replacing the WSOP TV show jingle that we have all grown accustomed to which is a big thing to say in my opinion. I don't know if that will happen but if anything looks like POKER and an OPPORTUNITY you can be assured I am beating on their door for them to hear the song and see if there is a fit somewhere. Fortunately, because of the feedback on the song and the buzz people have been contacting us for opportunities which are always the preferred method if I had to choose between the two. I can say that the right people have the song now and we have some very exciting things cooking which I can't talk about until we get through the contracts and details. I can also say that the song has been to some of the top people in Nashville and in their words it is a hit song which means I am also weighing those options.

Compncards: Do you have any ultimate goals for this song? Are you looking for it to be picked up as a theme for a show or movie or do you have other goals?

PB: Platinum and nothing less. I am bluffing, actually I am not. I think I have a great hand with this song and so do very notable people in the music world. It is also a pop crossover song that can get a little country flare going which is a better fit for the poker demographic than say a Poker Face Lady Gaga song. We are working with several companies for licensing for video games, TV Shows, and Movies so we shall see what happens in the next few months.

Compncards: Phil, where can the poker junkie nation learn more about "All-in" and about you and your band?

PB: You can listen to the song and the ESPN Interview clip with Phil Gordon at and / or check out the song at its own site which has all the stores if they wish to download.

Compncards: Phil, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to the poker junkie faithful. Hopefully we will be hearing your song all over the country real soon.

PB: Thank you for the opportunity to talk about it and how it came about and where we going with it. Thanks also to the fans who are supporting the song and spreading the word.

- PokerJunkie.Com


1) This Time
2) All In
3) Leave Them Alone
4) I am Here

1. Captain of my Soul v2
2. Green Paper
3. Shine

1. Tonight
2. This Time
3. Captain of my Soul
4. Walk Away



Phil Bellante is an accomplished songwriter, musician, and producer. People of all ages and backgrounds identify with his music and are moved by his messages. Phil recently teamed up with a Grammy award winning master sound engineer and other notable studio players to assist in the orchestration of his latest EP3 Release.

This EP features songs that carry across pop, rock, and country genres. The single, “All In”, has stoked the interest of the poker community and has generated several interviews to date along with various endorsements and reviews from the likes of Pro Poker players, Phil Gordon and Annie Duke.

Born in Cleveland, OH, Phil Bellante, as a child, immersed himself in endless hours of a wide variety of music that has shaped his unique sound. Phil has always been fascinated with music’s effect on the human soul and its ability to unite people across various cultures with varying philosophical beliefs and communicate messages to invoke personal and/or communal change.

In Phil’s words, “My lyrics and the overall direction of my music have come from my vast life experiences and observation of others. I constantly look under the surface of things to get to what really matters. My music simply leads people to places in their soul to help them see things clearly… that is the best way I can describe it.”

His most notable musical influences include the likes of Tracy Chapman, Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder, John Cougar, and Bono from a lyrical content perspective, and Daughtry, Lifehouse, Snow Patrol, Switchfoot, Foo Fighters, Goo Goo Dolls, Edwin McCain, Third Day, Seven Mary Three, and Keith Urban on the arrangement side of his music.

Currently residing in Southern California, Phil was recently chosen, out of thousands of performers, as a candidate for the 2009 Musicpalooza competition. Last year, he completed an acoustic tour with his last performance at the famous Lestat’s, in San Diego, where the likes of Jason Mraz and Jewel performed early in their careers. He has assembled a group of talented musicians and is currently booking full band performances all over the country with a focus on Casinos. Phil is a member of the SESAC PRO.

“I can see this song (All In) potentially replacing the World Series little jingle we have here on our show and the World Series of Poker. I think it’s fantastic!”

~ Phil Gordon, ESPN Poker Edge Radio, (12/10/09)

“Phil Bellante’s “All In” song is a great theme song for the poker community. It has a really catchy chorus that would be perfect for a poker TV show or movie.”

~ Annie Duke, Professional Poker Player, (01/27/10)

”All In’ has a pleasing hook that will surely catch the attention of even the non-poker fan. This song will be attached to our game for a long time.”

~ Brett Collson, Poker News Daily, (01/28/10)