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Say You Want Me

Written By: Phil Blackbourn

Looking at the city lights
feel a warm breeze
wonder what your doing
I miss your hand in mine
your on my mind, tonight
what happened to us

Say you want me
say you need me
so I can hold you
in these arms forever
you can run away
try and hide the truth
or come back to me
and give us one my chance

Yesterday's so far away
but midnights coming
and I'm still sitting here
will this drink wash away
the feeling of you
not here with me now
for so long

It's gonna take more than a day
to fix this, but I'm waiting
still waiting for you
just remember what we had
how you smiled
and said this was forever

Without You

Written By: Phil Blackbourn

Waiting again, I'm waiting again
to ask you why, why you left
ya gone away, and I miss you now

I cant play this game
the one where I have to lose

I wanna fall into your arms
cause your the only one who knows
your the only one thats seen me
watched me fall
but you walked away
and now I have to live without you

Playing again, your playing again
like movies in my mind
the things you said, the way we felt
can we feel this way again

Just A Dream

Written By: Phil Blackbourn

I See You walk by
with a look in your eye
did you notice me
or did I just want you to
I guess if our love was meant to be
eventually you would come back
instead you haunt me

I see you standing there
hold you close, don't disappear
tomorrow I'll wake up
you'll be gone
your just a dream, just a dream

Alone in this world I finally found
a place, a face
something to call my own
I still see shadows, glimpses of you
but its time to move on now
face this new day