Phil Connelly

Phil Connelly

 Los Angeles, California, USA

LA based Singer/Songwriter with catchy pop hooks and an energetic, jammy live show.


Originally from Pennsylvania, this Los Angeles based singer/songwriter offers catchy pop hooks accompanied by a strong live showcase. Drawing on a broad spectrum of influences, Connelly’s tunes intimately tell stories of personal experience while remaining upbeat and fun to move to.

Beach Reporter Article by Shaun Hague:


"Always In Style" EP is currently being mixed and mastered by John Chapman (LMU). It will include 6 - 8 songs, including the title track, "Always In Style"

Set List

- 3+ hours - acoustic set.

- Three 45 minute sets - Band RoCk AnD RoLL.

- A bunch of original material.

- Approximately 120 minutes of cover songs by artists such as - U2, Dave Matthews, Michael Jackson, Jack Johnson, The Police, David Bowie, John Mayer, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Radiohead...

- Happy to learn and play any material for weddings, paying gigs..