Taking his name from the famous fictional traveler, Phileas himself spent 3 years wandering the globe collecting voice samples in more than 30 languages to create “Spoken Wor(l)d” (Winner Best Album Dance/Electronica'08 in the IMAwards) a celebration of human diversity through speech and language.


Roger Velasquez, a.k.a. PHILEAS, is a France-based Peruvian electronic music artist and researcher. In 2008 he produced 'Spoken Wor(l)d', which won the Vox Populi Poll for Best Dance/Electronica Album 2008 in the 8th Independent Music Awards (NJ, USA). PHILEAS’ album was also selected by the UNESCO in 2008 for the celebration of the International Year of Languages. His music has been airplayed in the U.S.A., Peru and Spain. He has played live in Peru, Colombia, Brazil, France and Germany.

Roger Vélasquez alias PHILEAS, artiste de musique électronique et rechercheur, dévoile en 2008 « Spoken Wor(l)d », un album électro-pop qui célèbre la diversité humaine à travers de la parole et le langage. EN 2009 « Spoken Wor(l)d » gagne le Prix Vox Populi en tant que « Meilleur Album Dance/Electronica » dans les 8èmes. Independent Music Awards (NJ, Etats Unis) et participe en partenariat avec l’UNESCO dans les célébrations pour l’Année Internationale des Langues. La musique de PHILEAS à été diffusé à la radio aux Etats Unis, l’Espagne et le Pérou. Sa musique a été ecouté en directe au Pérou, en Colombie, en Brésil, en Allemagne et en France.


Picture Game

Written By: Phileas

This is an electro-pop song that features voices speaking in German and Persian.

Batman In D

Written By: Phileas

This song contains fragments on interviews made in French and Kabyle.


Written By: Phileas

This song contains fragments of interviews made in chinese, english, french, spanish, german, portugese, italian, greek, catalan, dutch, thai, japanese, korean, arab, kabyle, hebrew, and others.

Picture Game - Radio Version

Written By: Phileas

This song features voices speaking in german and persian. Picture Game is the 3rd. single taken from "Spoken Wor(l)d", an album that celebrates human speech and language through electronic music.


"SPOKEN WOR(L)D" (2008)

(La version en francais est disponible en PDF en cliquant sur BASIC REQ. coin supérieur droit du EPK)

Music is communication, the ultimate universal language. Now imagine creating music using more than thirty of other human languages.

That is exactly what Phileas has done on ‘Spoken Wor(l)d’ (Nominated Album of the Year in the 8th. IMAs), his debut solo album. Taking his name from one of the most famous fictional travellers the world has ever known, Phileas himself spent three years wandering the globe collecting voice samples.

The theory behind this unique concept is that music unifies all these diverse voices. And while this might sound a little high-minded, Phileas’ music is still firmly rooted in fun: ‘Spoken Wor(l)d’ is not only a highly entertaining electro-pop record, but also a seductive call for a liberating session on the dancefloor.

Hailing from Lima, Peru, Phileas has been experimenting with human speech for 10 years, since working for LOT, a Peruvian theatre company that focused on spoken word performances. However, what makes his music different is that the voice is used just as others might use an instrument: the meaning of the words is less important than the sound that they make.

Phileas’ infectious, foot-tapping brand of dance oozes the kind of soulful feel so often lacking in this genre. So many voices, all speaking their own language, but somehow brought together to sound as one, guide the listener through a colourful journey filled with excitement and joy.

As Phileas himself says, ‘Spoken Wor(l)d’ is more than a record: “It is a positive message about the diversity and similarity of the people of this world”. ‘Spoken Wor(l)d’ was nominated Best Dance Electronica Album '08 in the 8th Independent Music Awards (NJ, USA) and was selected by the UNESCO for taking part in the celebration of the International Year of Languages.

‘Spoken Wor(l)d’ was released commercially on July, 2008.

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Set List

PHILEAS show is called “Spoken Wor(l)d Live”. It’s a DJ set live act run on Ableton Live and external hardware like keyboards, MIDI controllers and FX processors. “Spoken Wor(l)d Live” can have a length of up to 120 minutes. The track list of the show is built upon this basic song scheme, all composed and produced by PHILEAS (read after french part)

PHILEAS appelle son show “Spoken Wor(l)d Live”. Il s’agit d’un set de DJ performé comme un live act en utilisant le logiciel Ableton Live avec des claviers, processeurs de effets et contrôleurs MIDI. “Spoken Wor(l)d Live” peut avoir une duration de jusqu’a 120 minutes. Le tracklist est basé sur ce schéma de chansons, toutes composées and produites par PHILEAS:

1. Ursprache
2. Sight for a 24-hour Rotation
3. Batman in D
4. Welcome
5. Henley Road
6. The Path of Roses/A Grasshopper’s Journey
7. Dawn at Mae Klong
8. Just Dreams
9. Stuck on the Tube
10. Picture Game
11. Red Drowning Sun/The Reason to Stay Awake