Philein is a multi-talented, tri -ingual Chinese American artist. Philein’s music combined with her invention of Tiger Hip Hop (TM) is dynamic and innovative. Blending Martial Arts and Hip Hop, this show has mass cultural appeal. Watch the Tiger Hip Hop™ Video.



(STUDIO CITY, CA) – Philein – a California-based international artist – is proud to announce her availability for university, festival and school workshop performances.

Philein is a tri-lingual, Chinese-American woman who creates work in multiple mediums. She composes her own music, writes her own poetry and choreographs her own dances. Her theatrical performances cross boundaries. Philein is the perfect ambassador for the new global, multi-ethnic American community – young people who’ve spent time in many places and whose personal heritage is a hybrid cultures. Philein seamlessly fuses Chinese, Asian and European cultural influences into her: dance, music and shows.

Over the last 3 years, she sought out and collaborated with: musicians, producers, choreographers, photographers and painters from the U.S., UK, France, China and Taiwan. Recorded in 6 cities and on two continents, the summer release of 2005 debut album, “Child of No Nation” was well received. "Chinese singer/songwriter Philein's Child of No Nation turned out to be a welcome surprise. Like the title of the album, Philein is caught between two countries”

Every live performance incorporates choreographed stage shows utilizing a unique motion style she created: Tiger Hip-hop motion (TM). Tiger Hip Hop™ is a dynamic new dance form which incorporates Tiger Claw, Kung Fu, Wushu, Tai-chi, Yoga and modern dance and hip hop. Tiger Hip Hop™ can be seen exclusively at Philein’s shows and in her videos. Philein developed Tiger Hip Hop™ because she wanted to choreograph a new genre of dance motion/hip hop that matched her music. From day one, her vision was not only to write and perform her songs – but also to choreograph and perform the dance as well.
Incorporating dance into her music has always come naturally for Philein, who from the age of 3, studied and danced professionally with some of the world’s greats. She trained with the Beijing Ballet Academy and UCLA’s World Arts & Cultures; and danced extensively with Champions of the Beijing Wushu Team – who created the style seen in Jet Li’s movies and in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Later, Philein received a scholarship to the American Dance Festival and became a soloist working with some of the U.S.’s best troupes (Janice Garrett, Ron Brown, Winifred R. Harris and Liss Fain) and Taiwan’s renowned Cloudgate Dance Theater.

Philein’s unique blend of music, culture, dance and message has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response. Since Summer 2005, she performed at McDowell Casino (Arizona), taught her dance steps to the Beijing Wushu team in China, gigged at NYC’s Crash Mansion, played the Pacific Media Expo, was interviewed live on Animax TV and was the closing act for the Partnership Walk-a-thon at the Rose Bowl. She also received private vocal training with her original coach, Lis Lewis, of the Singer's Workshop – a gifted teacher who has taught many famous singers.

Amongst a slew of evolutionary projects, 2006 highlights include releasing two new Tiger Videos with Phillie G. of Millenium Productions, touring Europe, premiering new work at the Ivar Theater and the Oakland Asian Library. In May, she will self-produce an evening of work in honor of Asian Heritage Month at the historic Ruth St. Denis Theater. Summer plans include setting a new piece of music and dance for Praxis Project in Collaboration with well established music producer Perry Geyer (Sarah M. and Mai Karaki) and choreographer Christine Chrest. She will also collaborate with Grammy Nominated Producer Chris Brophy from the UK in Spring 2006. To close out this season, she has been invited to play China’s largest and oldest fashion show, the Dalian Fashion Festival in September '06.


Child of No Nation

Written By: Philein/Pat Burtis

I am forever an outsider
on the acres and grounds
where childhood's remembered
my nostalgia is found

On the emigrated continent
I mask a lonely face
Their idioms and gestures
Always leave me out of place

**I am a Child of No Nation
Belonging to None
Born Beneath one banner
Resembling another one

I have come to understand
this world I have found
Partitioned and Parceled
Into Countries and towns

So torn by all that collides
Diverging custome
Cultural Clouds

Millions like me
On the globe alone
Who never call their dwelling home
Countless revolving under one
Universal Sun

We are Children of No Nation
Belonging to None
Born Beneath one Banner
Resembling another one

Run Into Love

Written By: Philein/Perry Tell

When I hear your voice talking to me
If you could only see how much joy you bring
I feel like a child bursting inside
Swimming in the water, coming alive

When I see the way we laugh and jump
If you only knew how rare it is
No one in the world has made me fly
Purely on a thought an innocent line

**Run run run into love with me
Beyond the city, beyond the sea
and soon your soul will be free
when you run run run into love with me

Everything I want is right here with you
And when you're far away at night I dream of you
But today right now you're here by my side
A perfect body and a mind combined

I wish we could stay suspended in time
Embracing the moment, diving into light
With our hearts entwined we will try
To find another way, escape tonight

You epitomize perfection to me

Reflected through every smile, each action, every phrase, each wish given to me

Can you feel it - feel the beat -
The freedom, the passion, the pulse, the pure love running between you
YOU and ME

Violet Vuarnet

Written By: Philein/Ted Lobinger

Verse 1

Can you see me I'm in Vuarnet Glasses
I found em shopping while just up the street
They're painted violet I look like an actress
Who shows the world a mask of mytery

You're looking at me it's been two whole weeks now
I wear the Vuarnet's everywhere I go
They shield me from the sights and those around me
An empty space but no one seems to know

**Tai Yang Yen Jin
Wo de xin qin
Wo wai he zong sh zuo mu bu qin
Wo de xin qin
I ran pin jin
Juo xiang fen pin lun jin de dao yu
Tai Yang Yen Jin
Wo de men jin
Mai you ren ke ii min bai wo de xin
Tai Yan Yen Jin....ah
Wo yao wai wo de xin fu
Jian ch dao di

Verse 2
Would you know me without classic glasses
Would you even recognize my face
Would you understand my glistening lashes
My tears for both my joy and for my pain

Can you see beyond my Violet Vuarnet
And know the feelings that reside in me
I'm just a girl...hides behind dark glasses
With broken dreams and heartache I don't know

Verse 3

Est-ce que tu me ferait sans les Lunettes
Est-ce que tu comprendre mes yeux
Est-ce qu tu reconnaitre visage
Mes dechirures pour joie et pour douleur

Peut-tu voir au dela mes Vuarnet
Et cela que qui reside dans moi
Je suis juste fille qui cache dans Lunettes
Avec reve casse est chagrin
Je ne sais pas


Album: "Child of No Nation",
August 2005. Streaming tracks on

Set List

Set List with Tiger Motion and Martial Artists

Length of Time: 15-25 minutes

A new World
Violet Vuarnet
Circles - the remix
Child of No Nation