phil hoyt

phil hoyt

 Granville, New York, USA

one man band

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Written By: phil hoyt

By Phil Hoyt

I walked in the door and threw off my coat
Laughed at the guy telling the joke
Took the hand of the girl sitten by the door
Twirled her around and headed for the floor

I think its about time to kick up my heels
Listen to the music and drink a few beers
So everybody hold up your glass
Stomp the floor and lets kick some

The honky tonk scene is what I need
From five o’clock till half past three
So if you find a bar with a country sound
Look inside cause that’s where I’m bound

There’s men and women all across this land
Dancin’ to the rhythm of a country band
Rich and poor and us rednecks too
Tryin’ to unwind and keepin’ it true