Philip Franklin

Philip Franklin


A great classic rock/blues sound with strong lyrics and vocals and nice guitar licks. Always write memorable hooks and play them with style and pulsing rhythms.


I think great writing sets me apart, always have a good story line in my lyrics, whether it be love lost, political, historical, or just a personal saga. Influenced but it all, classic rock and blues like BB King, Buddy Guy, Hendrix, Stones, also Van Halen, U2, Nickelback, GNR, Dylan. Been workin regular job most of life, but time to return to my roots and love of music and playing guitar/writing songs.


Releasing my 2nd cd titled Moon Rocx independently. Also released cd titled Riff City in 2005 and sold one of the songs to an indie label. Tune is titled Subway Madness Meltdown and is coming out end of March on NBT Recorss Ride the Train#20 which is being released as a double cd with RTT #19.

Set List

Moon Rocx, Subway Madness, Meltdown, Around this Town, Studio Man, Jamn at Midnite, Cruizin, 25 Years, Blues is the News, Alimony Bluez and several other originals. Covers include, Eric Clapton, Stones, and classic Blues and rock stuff.