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ke Joanne, the girl who, �dances like a pirate in a gypsy coffee shop�, and the vagabond who �rides horses in a Russian rodeo�. These are folk songs with a dark underbelly.


The year following the release of The Red Rose Cafe�s debut album has been a good one. Since Philip�s noted performance at last year�s Hard Working Class Heroes, �The New Year Tapes has become available throughout Ireland and continues to receive critical acclaim, while his second album, �Pictures of Russia�, is in the final stages of production. The year has also included headline and support gigs all over Ireland and radio-play in places as far afield as Boston and Germany.

All this began in June 2006 when the Irish Arts Council funded the recording of two songs. That summer, Philip established his own independent label to release a full album. It was recorded over 3 days with the help of various friends and released that August.

The second album, �Pictures of Russia�, began to materialise in May 2007 when Philip was offered session time in the Queen�s University studio in Belfast. During this period, he also co-produced the debut album of American song-writer, Ryan Langlois ( Further sessions were recorded at The Forge, Galway, in June, after which Philip spent a month in Northern Spain writing the end of �Pictures of Russia�. The new album features New York folk-singer, Emily Mure ( backing vocals, the aforementioned Ryan Langlois, as well as Micael O�Connor and Ulic Egan of Galway band, The Cartoon Thieves.

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"The New Year Tapes" - debut album, recorded in Co. Donegal in the summer of 2006, then self-released in August 2006.

"Atama" - A compilation record put together by the Arts Council to showcase new music from the North West of Ireland.

"Araby" - self-released single and preview of "Pictures of Russia".

"Pictures of Russia" - the second full-length album, coming in September 2007.