Philip Nathan

Philip Nathan


One guy - one guitar - no vocals. Original solo acoustic fingerstyle and flatpicking instrumentals. Sounds a bit like - Leo Kottke, John Fahey, Chet Atkins, Keller Williams - but certainly not limited to any 1 artist or style.


Philip Nathan began teaching himself guitar at the age of 15 in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Influenced by the infamous Slash of "Guns N Roses," he was determined to be a guitar "player." Somewhere along the line, he began a transformation that, to this day, is constantly developing the way that he listens to, composes, and appreciates music across many genres. Recently, Philip has dedicated his time and self-disciplined study towards "fingerstyle" folk and bluegrass flatpicking. Constantly inspired by the likes of Leo Kottke, and John Fahey, he is always pickin', grinnin' and searching for his own sound. Hand him a guitar of any persuasion, acoustic, electric, bass, or hand him banjo, he'll make it sing!


All CD's available by request

"Not Sure Yet..." 2008 - Selections from the newest self recorded personal release can be heard at

"Where's Home" 2006 - Selections from the self recorded personal release can be heard at

"Fingerstyle" 2003 - Songs from this debut release earned me a slot in the 2005 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival Emerging Artist Showcase. Of over 300 submissions, 25 "emerging artists" were selected to perform 2 songs each on the main stage.

Set List

Mostly original songs with a few obscure covers (Kottke interpretations, old standards) spontaneous moments of improvisation, layering and looping. Typical set is roughly a dozen songs, about an hour give or take.