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The Light of Saba - Sabebe

This was the last album from the legendary band in 1978, there was originally 7 tracks but we added one bonus track from the same period called Legba Praise. There is also an inlay with two interviews revealing the story of the band, the original members, the meaning of their focus and their inspirations. Available on LP only and the CD will come in december 2008. One of the most conceptual and intellectual music from these times, designed for the real specialists - kingston Connexion

"Kingston Connexion reissues Light Of Saba Repress of Sabebe, originally recorded in 1978."

The French label Kingston Connexion, who have carved out something of a reputation for reviving off beat classics, are reissuing The Light Of Saba’s Sabebe LP.

This 1978 album - produced by Philip White and recorded at Aquarius Studios - was the afro jazz roots collective’s final full length release. The repress features one bonus track, Legba Praise, and a never before published interview with White in the sleevenotes.

Two of the tracks – Africa and Sabebe – were previously put out on 12” by Honest Jon’s. These are very Afro-funk in nature but the record also cleaves toward slow funky reggae (Callie Weed) jazzy dub (Music In My Brain) and percussion led roots (Thy Kingdom Come).

All in all, a welcome release for those who don’t have money to burn at auction sites. Fingers crossed for a reissue of The Light’s collaboration 12” with Michael Smith, Word Sound, to follow one day…

", All Music Guide"

It's hard not to gush with admiration when confronted with the music of the Light of Saba. It's true fusion music that takes what it wants from jazz, salsa,reggae and African traditions and bends them into a new form without ever breaking. A noted Jamaican jazz player and reggae session saxophonist, Brooks formed his band Light of Saba in the late '60s after a brief stay in Philadelphia. During his time there Brooks sat in at clubs impressing players with his Caribbean jazz style. Philip Whyte became the leader of the Light Of Saba after Cedric departure in 1977 and compose the Sabebe album and perform the song Africa and Sabebe which is on the magical Light Of Saba compilation. He was an original member. - wade


with tracks featuring Cedric Brooks on Saxophone
The magical Light Of Saba



2 times Grammy/Platinum Award Producer/Musician, Recording Artist.


Philip Whyte aka ‘Philip of Saba’ is an alternative artist with Jamaican roots, who has been on the circuit for over 30yrs. He started as a 'Keteh' drummer at the age of 16, for the renowned ‘Reggae/Jazz’ group in Jamaica in 1977, called “The Divine Lights” started by ‘Cedric IM Brooks’. This versatile musician sings and produces music with a unique sound and distinctive style. ‘Philip of Saba’ has performed in Jamaica and all over the world. In 1990, he toured with fellow musicians ‘Jimmy Cliff’ and the infamous ‘Fela Anikulapo Kuti’. He wrote and performed the popular singles ‘Sabebe’ and ‘Africa’ on the top selling album ‘Light of Saba’. In 1990, he also produced Jimmy Cliff’s hit song ‘John crow’ for the Soundtrack of the 1990 movie ‘Marked for Death’ with Steven Segal. His Grammy Awards include, Rita Marley’s Album “Who quote the game” for the song ‘We must carry on’. Ziggy's One Bright Day album. Philip’s broad spectrum of musical talent and productions include genres such as, Rock, R&B, Pop, Afro beat, Jazz and Reggae.

Today, 'Philip of Saba' is more than capable to give the music world a massive jolt as he plans on electrifying them with his brand new album, ‘Redemption’. The quality of his music is astounding and Afro beats, epic, as the artist’s tempting sounds continues resurgence across the globe. Stemming from his breakthrough album in 1978 “Sabebe” (signed to Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong records), to his new album, Philip has helped to redefine the path of global music as we know it, for both a seasoned and unsullied generation. This is due to his remarkable revival of the mysterious but pulsating style of ‘Afro beat’ and ‘Roots Reggae’. He will therefore continue that musical and stylistic journey in one of the most hotly anticipated new album, in recent history. The music world is eager for a fresh, new sound and Philip is revved up to deliver. His music incorporates other amazing influences like funk, rock and Jazz. Philip is eager to captivate and excite his audience with the hypnotic, pulsating grooves heard on his album and with his exhilarating live performances too mesmeric to believe, ‘you truly won’t want to miss’.

‘Philip of Saba’ breaths new life into, and is today’s modern force as well as the future of ‘Afro beat’ and ‘Roots Reggae’ transformed. He maintains the essence of his idol, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, with his jazz, funk, and traditional African elements while sautéed by the soothing melodic sounds of ‘Root’s Reggae, and with the blazing strikes of his Electric Guitar, belting the sounds of Rock and Roll, he proves to be the ingenious, talented multi-instrumentalist, that can hold his own in this ever changing music world. On stage, flames of monstrous horns and bass layered over polyrhythmic beats are fired out, and with a miraculous, unparalleled performance that can only incite even the ancestral world, he summons the musical awareness and ‘spirit’ of all his followers. He also continues to uphold Fela’s bold political messages with his own political views speaking out against the injustices of the world, only to be driven by his simple, but passionate message of love and understanding for the human race. This eight plus piece band hits hard when it comes to skill and experience, and with the band's players coming from a diverse array of professional, cultural, and personal backgrounds, he has established a unique, refreshingly oppositional and equally provocative band, that will stimulate and excite all.