The Zyderythmics

The Zyderythmics

 Chobham, England, GBR

Established five piece Louisiana Blues and Zydeco Roots band from the UK. White hot dance grooves from the Creole Swamps, tuned for maximum heat, ultimate dance burnout. Rhythms that grab you by the feet and haul you onto the floor. The chair has just become obsolete.


The Zyderythmics were born with one aim - to play the most exciting and danceable Louisiana music possible. Founder Phil Underwood learned Zydeco direct from the people- in the black clubs of Lawtell and Lafayette, Louisiana and has played onstage with great Louisiana artists like Lil Malcolm, The Creole Farmers, Leroy Thomas and many more. Influenced by the Creole greats from Louisiana, Clifton Chenier, Geno Delafose, Rosie Ledet, Chris Ardoin, the Zyderythmics also bring English power and energy to their own fresh new compositions -numbers that are set to redefine Zydeco. Every number is danceable, every song has got something to say.


Anna's Song (When YOu Were A Child)

Written By: Phil Underwood

Anna’s Song (When You Were A Child)
Copyright 1993 Philip Underwood, Chobham, UK

I remember when you were a child,
You always made a fine commotion,
You had fun, you were wild,
You explored every emotion,

But now you're strange, your face has changed,
I hardly seem to see you smiling,
You shut your door, you quickly bore,
Your world has shrunk to a near horizon.

Is the world an unfriendly place?
Only safe when on the telly?
Are you scared to show your face?
Hey baby that's not healthy,

‘Cause you can run, you can fly,
You can do anything you try,
Take my hand, I'll help you stand,
Walk with me, I'll be your guide.


Our CD White Hot Zydeco now available from our website. Receiving airplay in Richmond, Virginia. Streaming audio and video footage available on our website at

Set List

Normally two sets of 50 minutes, 23 songs. Mixture of original and traditional Zydeco and Creole influences, plus ska, funk, blues and reggae.