Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson


Original music reflective of a long and storied musical career that started out in the 1960's and has evolved into the present as a genre all it's own. His music was influenced by years working odd jobs and as a member of the group White Eyes. Like Phil Jackson himself, his style is unique


Phil Jackson writes and plays a different type of music. Some have compared him to Leo Koetke and Martin Sexton, among others. He pushes the envelope with alternate guitar rhythms and drums. The original lyrics and music tell the story of life of the veteran of musical road wars that earned him the name “Father Time”. A member of numerous bands, his most notable was with White Eyes, managed by the same team as Brewer and Shiply, the Ozark Mountain Daredevils and other notable groups of the time. White Eyes performed across country opening for Albert King, Foghat, 10 Years After, Muddy Waters, Bad Finger, Grand Funk, BB King, Kansas, and others. His release in the year 2000, “Father Time and the Time Warrior’s” is a two CD set with 32 panel insert that includes all lyrics as well as original artwork. Phil Jackson is a driven songwriter with much personal history. Art Folk-Rock is one possible description but he doesn’t limit his influences and strives for progression in the creative process and outcome. He has formal and self experience related musical training, and enjoys the recording process with his home and field studio. Guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums are his main instruments. Token, his son, is a frequent collaborator in recording and performance. Spreading his songs around is important to him and so satisfying, when a song becomes a transcending moment for the listener and the artist.


1999 Farther Time and the Time Warrior's (2-CD)
2002 Sugar Live

Set List

45 Minute - 60 Minute Sets - All original music
1. Juggling Miracles
2. London Town
3. The Cycle
4. Song of the Ghosts
5. Pony named babe
6. Little Sugar
7. For My Baby
8. The Blue Light
9. Man in the Rocking Chair
10. Hight For the Moment
11. Shoot
12. Too busy
13. Slimy Sue
14. Tremors