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Ethereal, dreaming, inspiring, and energizing: the music of Phillip Presswood captures the mystique of his Irish background and combines that with a modern twist of multi-layered voices and orchestral instrumentation.


After extensive soundtrack work, Irish-American vocalist Phillip Presswood is releasing his first publicly available solo album. "The Secret of the Dawn" will be available March 28, 2006 from Middlestar Music.

Recorded in the United States, "The Secret of the Dawn" represents the culmination of three years of studio work. Each instrument is played by Phillip, and along with that each vocal is sung individually - upwards of 200 times using his three-octave voice -creating a lush, choral effect accessible to pop music fans but with definite classical motifs.

"To me, 'The Secret of the Dawn' represents optimism, encouragement, and looking toward a new day as light replaces the darkness," Phillip explains. "However, with new beginnings can come fear and mystery and that's where there are wonderful secrets to discover. It's right at three years worth of work, and I'm really excited that others be able to enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it."

Each track is filled with realistic sounding strings and percussion instruments, which come from high quality samples. However, you won't find any sampling of vocals here: each is recorded on its own, separately. This greatly increases the length of time it takes for each song to be recorded and mixed.

Often compared to platinum recording artist Enya, Phillip Presswood draws upon a similar Irish background but has infused that sound with a contemporary modern motif all his own. Phillip states, "I think, its understandable that the word 'Enya' pops out of someone's mouth when they hear the music, and to me that is really high praise. But there are differences, of course, different backgrounds and musical influences. I think that eventually people will look back and realize that a new genre of music had been created around this time, starting in the late 80's and up to the present day, with the layered vocals and the instrument sampling. I grew up with it and now I obviously incorporate that into the music I write."

Having played piano since age four, and composing at twelve, Phillip now 24, draws upon several years of classical music training and development. "The Secret of the Dawn" shines brightly for this multi-layered and multi-talented

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The Secret of the Dawn

Written By: Phillip Presswood

Have you ever seen the sky
Right before the sun comes out?
Have you ever seen a rose
About to bloom?

Another word from heaven
Another sign from up above
The keeper of
The secret of the dawn
Another road to travel
Another star to light my way
The keeper of
The secret of the dawn

Have you ever looked around
Only to see the moon shine down?
Have you missed the sun
Until you cried?

Now step into the light
Walk to another life
Dream whatever you may
Now here the morning comes!
Someone will understand
Someone will hold your hand
The painter of the stars is alive…

Another Life

Written By: Phillip Presswood

Listen if you want to be
So far and free
If you live another day
Then make it go your way

There’s another life for you
Come and take it if you can
And forever you’ll be in the light
Of another life

Hear me when I say that
Love is still the way
Even if the darkest night
The flower never fades

The Falling Rain

Written By: Phillip Presswood

All alone I found you in the night
With nothing but the dark
Let me be your light
Let me be your sky
Like a shooting star I’ll fly across the night
Only for your heart

Oh is it now someone come to drive away
My every fear?
Is it now someone new to clear away
The falling rain?

Like a painting I can see
On into eternity
Let this be the way we would always say
What we knew was true
I’m staying here with you
Only for your heart

But the storm will end!
And the sun will shine on you
The stars will answer the questions in your heart
Every tear will fall away


Call From the West (2002)
The Winter Solstice [Maxi-Single] (2003)
The Secret of the Dawn (2006)

Set List

Cover of "Orinoco Flow" by Enya appeared on "Call From the West" (2002)