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New York City, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2003 | SELF

New York City, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2003
Band Alternative Dream Pop





The arrival of a new Phillip Eno record is always something of an event, this New York based art rock outfit a band seemingly incapable of delivering anything less than the sublime. The latest entry in their ever expanding catalogue, BLUEPRINT represents another definite shift forwards in sounds and ideas, Phillip Eno never ones to rest back on their laurels and simply repeat past glories ad infinitum.

Opener AF11 sounds like Phillip Eno at their most energised and urgent in a while, injecting some punk funk elements ala The Rapture and Radio 4 into the usual shoegazey mix; shards of stinging guitars punctuate electronic beats whilst female vocalist Nerissa Vales croons icily cool over proceedings, the NYC outfit briefly imagining Slowdive colliding headfirst with New Order in some dark, smoky nightclub. With FOUND, the band return to hazier, dreamier sonic territory, spooky sound effects rippling beneath those ice cool vocals, echoes of the Velvet Underground ringing in the darkness. The new wave bass rumbles that inhabit YOUR NAME again find Phillip Eno on a more urgent, pop oriented tip, Lito and Nerissa Vales showcasing a much more accessible and warmly melodic side to their sound this time round.

Still maintaining that ever present experimental art rock edge though, songs like HOLD THE VAPOR and BLUEPRINT are rooted in stranger, more surreal musical paths; walls of multilayered guitar noise and eerie sounding haunting swells reminding you that Phillip Eno can challenge as well as charm.

With TRY AS I MIGHT though, charm they most definitely do, simple melodies and acoustic instruments playfully skipping up against programmed beats on a song that plays out like breath of fresh air. The Joy Division like bass rumbles on START AGAIN may pay obvious homage to Peter Hook, but borrowing from the best is never that bad an idea, especially when done with this much style and grace.

ON MARS repeats similar sounding tricks, again deep rumbling bass lines run beneath reverberating sonic intensity, this time round Lito Vales adding his vocals to the mix, shades of Lee Renaldo in his beat poetic baritone. Reprising the opening AF11 for an understated but majestic climax, Phillip Eno once again remind you as to just why this New York outfit are such a compelling and mesmerising experience.

They may be alarmingly prolific, but as BLUEPRINT proves Phillip Eno are a band for whom quality is never an issue. Returning here with another record that neatly refines their sound and pushes things ever forward, yet maintains that very special essence that is Phillip Eno, BLUEPRINT is another sublime offering from this outfit.
- UK Musicreview

"Phillip Eno - Start Again"

Lito, the “husband” of husband and wife duo Phillip Eno sent me a short message to check out their band and I’m glad I did. They recently released a “Live at Lit Lounge” record, which looks to be their third(!) release this year and there are all kinds of great influences being thrown into their songs. The first thing that came to mind with the song I’m posting today was early Sisters of Mercy relying on Dr. Avalanche for the beats. Imagine that sound, but considerably updated and with a female singer and you’ve got a good starting point. Sounds good, right? It is. And as an extra bonus, they have all their records available to download for free on their website. But don’t be a cheapskate, throw them a few bucks if you grab a bunch of tracks. Or better yet, go check them out live if you’re in the NYC area. It sounds like they have a pretty impressive live show. - The Sound of Indie

"Phillip Eno : Candelaria"

Creating an entire soundscape in one album. Phillip Eno (it's a band name) makes very dreamlike songs that will take you back to the days of 90's music like Slowdive or Lush, where the omniethereal gaze into space was a quest for all to take. There's a lot of experimental song structures here, from straight up pop to more spacey experiments of sound.

With a steady leaning on the Roland Groovebox, and fuzzy/jangly guitars, and the almost always present voice of Nerissa Vales, Phillip Eno have created in Canedelaria a complete combination of sight and sound. You can float in space or you can plant your feet on the ground. And from the description of their live shows, you can watch. Apparently they use a lot of video footage to augment the performance.

On the poppier side, this harkons back to 80's new wave. The members of Phillip Eno have wisely chosen to leave the more superficial elements of the eighties in the eighties, while bringing new wave rythyms and keyboard textures with them. The song Kakihara has some of this, with sparse, echoey guitar with a tinge of distorsion while the Roland moves along with a steady rythym of notes.

This is a great escape album. The instrumental tracks like The Quiet Family are often the most experimental, with wide-ranging dynamics and methods. They use echoes and keyboard blips to induce a trance-like otherworld of sonic awareness.

At 16 tracks, the album does run a bit long, and I find myself liking the first half a whole lot more than the second. Overkill can kill. All being said, the band has really honed on its style of delivery, and seems to know what it's going for. Candelaria is the perfect outreach album for hearing something new and inventive. Or better yet, put it on your stereo when you go to sleep at night and have it be the soundtrack to the nocturnal wanderings of your dreams. - Spacelab

"Phillip Eno"

It's not often we have the chance to feature this much of the back catalogue for one artist but, when we do (and actually enjoy it), you can be sure that an audio experience well worth a few listening moments awaits. The first thing we need to explain is that Phillip Eno is not a distant cousin of popular namesake Brian... or any one person at all. Instead, what we have to share is the work of primary musicians/married couple Lito Vales and Nerissa Vales from Astoria, New York. Along with various friends, Lito and Nerissa have been churning out an amazing amount of music since 2002. The sound floats somewhere close to shoegaze, with strong electro-pop hints and a few other influences (Stephin Merritt) that are failing to register in my brain right now. We were originally only going to feature the few songs we received via email but, after visiting the band's label, Cactus Killer (Cactus Killer Myspace), we found a virtual treasure trove of outstanding music to download. The big news is that two new albums will be released, in the very near future, for 2008. For more information and plenty of additional music, you can visit the Phillip Eno website as well as the Phillip Eno MySpace page. Before beginning with the music, be sure to have a fresh cocktail and/or pack of cigarettes on hand for the ride. Very nice.
- Milk Milk Lemonade


Templestay Forever, YSG", "Blueprint", "Cut", "Candelaria", "Comfort Room", "Almost a Love Story", "Maybe Tomorrow", "Phillip Eno", "etc", "Live, Radio Session, Rehearsals", "Fragments", "Beeforella"



Formed in 2002, husband and wife team Lito and Nerissa Vales head the Astoria, New York-based musical project, Phillip Eno. Along with regular contributors (friends Ken, Russell, Katy, Drew, Phil, Michael, and others), their music revolves around the versatile beats of the Roland Groovebox. With multiple layers of sounds, loops, instruments and vocals, Phillip Eno has created a solid collection of dreamlike music.