Phillip Fox

Phillip Fox


Expertly crafted and passionately delivered music blurring the lines between pop, rock, and folk, yet bearing the unmistakable marks of a singer/songwriter. In the vein of John Fogerty and Jim Croce, Phillip Fox has a musical approachability which is accentuated in his live sets by humor and stories


Phillip Fox is one of those rare songwriters whose music draws you in but whose lyrical depth keeps you coming back. "That combination" says Phillip "Didn't come about accidentally".

"I had been playing and writing professionally since I was 15 years old. I'd toured around the Midwest, been featured on regional radio and even traveled to New Zealand for a music festival, but I found myself being isolated from the rest of the world - I felt I could only relate to other musicians. Music defined who I was and that was a scary realization." In 2001 Phillip left the music industry with a desire to venture out of the "music bubble" and learn more about the world outside. Seven years, a college degree, a house, a wife, and one cat later, Phillip's fans are saying "mission accomplished".

The seven year hiatus has brought about a depth of real-life experience which can be felt through Phillip's transparent songwriting and vocal style. With the release of his new EP "Demonstrate", listeners finally get to take home some of the well-crafted and passionately delivered songs that have been winning over Central-Ohio audiences. With gritty southern-styled vocals on "Forgotten", infectious swing beats on "Two", and Muse-esque vocals on "Is there any Hope at all?", "Demonstrate" truly demonstrates Phillip's ability to marry composition, styling, and lyrics for an emotional impact that leaves listeners humming as well as thinking.

"I love seeing people tap their feet and hum along with the songs but at the end of a concert or after listening to the disc, people will tell me 'You know, that third song seemed like it was written just for me - that's my story' or 'I've never thought about a certain topic quite that way before.' Humming, tapping, and thinking - that's what I'm hoping to spark with these songs."

Phillip's live performances take his audiences on a journey. His dynamic voice, personal songs, and passionate delivery draw his audiences in. "I'm still amazed by how responsive people are to the live performance - it doesn't matter whether it's a bar, a coffee shop, or a college dining hall promoters have remarked about how people simply stop shooting pool, talking, even eating sometimes and just listen to the music. I think they understand that there's something real being presented and they don't want to miss out on it."


Livin' from the Heart

Written By: Phillip Fox

Your woman holds your hand
But does she really understand
The pain that haunts her man
Have you ever let her in?

The man who has your heart
Does he really have each part
Or just the ones you think are smart
And the rest you keep on guard – under lock and key ?

Let’s break the locks
To be ourselves again
Live with open arms
To see we’re livin’ from the heart

Your children in their rooms
Do you know what shapes their moods
Or did you lose them as they grew?
Could be they want you to break through

Your parents up the stairs
Are they really unaware
Of the depression that you bear
Could it be that they’re just scared – just as scared as you

And let’s break the locks
To be ourselves again
Live with open arms
To see we’re livin’ from…

The heart is prone to live alone
We isolate ourselves
Never free to share our needs
With anybody else

And let’s break the locks
To be ourselves again
Live with open arms
To see we’re livin’ from the heart


Demonstrate - August 2008