Phillip LaRue

Phillip LaRue


With 4 years of National touring, 3 records, and several charted songs under his belt, Phillip LaRue is no stranger to the music scene. Catchy, heart-felt lyrics supported by his dynamic vocals make Phillip an engaging performer, favored by students across the country.


Young but uniquely experienced, Phillip LaRue has an admirable grip on how to live, and the proof is written all over his debut solo album, Let the Road Pave Itself. An organic set of songs for the digital age, it warmly captures the sound of Phillip and his friends playing real time rock that’s only ever concerned with life’s deepest matters of love and faith. A Californian athlete until sixteen, he picked up the guitar after an injury. His Musical interest turned into a duo with his sister, Natalie, and they scored a record deal in Nashville. Three albums and four years of touring followed. LaRue, as the group was known, charted several pop hits until Natalie married. Phillip moved to Florida and produced indie acts like Over the Rhine and Dave Barnes. Now, back in Nashville, he has produced for Tenth Avenue North and pens hits for singer/song-writers.


Let The Road Pave Itself

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