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"Lucidforge Interview with Phill McMurtry"

Written by Susan Frye

Tuesday, 09 May 2006

Who says the classically trained must stick to the classics? Phill McMurtry proves that classical training can act as the starting block for a musical career that is both modern and progressive. Born in France, McMurtry's life has led him all over Europe, and as he had to adapt, so has his musical ventures—taking him from solo artist, to band member, and back again many times over. McMurtry seems most comfortable in the driver's seat, however. His debut album “Are we nearly there yet?” (Mid-Earth Studio 2005), showcases his jack-of-all-trades ability, as most of the tracks on the twelve song disc list McMurtry as being solely responsible for composing, producing, arranging and sound engineering, as well as all instrumentation and vocals. Embodying the idea that if you want a job done right, do it yourself, Phill McMurtry's enthusiasm about music is undeniable, as Susan Frye discovered in her interview with the artist.

Introduction by Philippa Scowcroft

How would you classify the style of music you produce?

A mixture of Classical, Pop, Rock and Electronica genres all mixed into a kind of 'musical soup'! Strong backing vocals with a rich production...classic "Phill McMurtry" style!

What provoked you to get into the music industry?

Phill: It was my upbringing, it gave me a really positive attitude and I have always written music with the aim of taking to a wide audience. I realised that people enjoyed listening to my music both live and on CD and I wanted to be amongst the best Musicians and Producers out there on the air-waves. I had a burning desire to achieve recognition that 'Phill McMurtry' has talent and am different to the rest of the flock!

What has been the most difficult task for you to overcome in your music career so far?

For years I've had a sense of 'drifting'. I've always had the desire to succeed, failure is not an option, but when you have other distractions in life such as family, work and mortgages it makes it that more difficult to find the time and energy to follow your dream. Gradually though things become easier and I overcame this by using any available time to focus on my music and I think that it has definitely influenced my style and if anything made me more determined to succeed.

Your style is very unique. Do you have any idols or people who have influenced you and your music?

Oh sure, there are lots of songs & composers/ song writers out there who have been an influence. Queen, Prince, Daft Punk, ELO, Muse, Radiohead, The Eagles, Pink Floyd, Chopin, Bach, Schubert, Grieg and Beethoven just to mention a few. It is difficult to escape them but hopefully the music I produce is still fresh, exciting and inspiring with undercurrents of my influences.

What sets you apart from other musicians?

Hmm...that is a tricky question as I have so much respect for a lot of musicians. Probably my classical education sets a knowledge gap in many instances and my enthusiasm to form a unique 'Creation' and to be different. The innovative approach with a pinch of passion and genius! Lol!!!

Susan: You seem to be very devoted to your music. What kinds of things do you like to do when you are not working?

I enjoy dancing, reading, playing tennis, sailing dinghies/ yachts, skiing, watching TV and going to the movies. I love to keep up with my friends worldwide and check in to see how they are doing every now and then.

What inspires your song lyrics?

Basically people.....people whether they are close to me, a million miles from my wavelength, a moment in time where somebody says or does something. These are my 'Triggers' which set the ball rolling.

What made you choose to work independently as a musician as opposed to in a band?

After being in many bands over the decades and being disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm, skill and talent, and knowing that I could do it on my own, I decided to buy myself the best digital recording studio that money could buy and record my album.

Susan: What process did you go through while developing your album "Are we nearly there yet?" Did you have a method of choosing the songs and putting them into a specific order?

Phill: "Are we nearly there yet?" as a Debut album is a collaboration of years of music all collated into a tiny neat package. Although it's a debut album, it feels more like a 'The best of' album. "Designer Baby" is a commercial track, it's upbeat and had to go in at number one. The responses from record companies worldwide was very positive. "Alushia" although starting off with a very simple Bassline progresses into quite a complex chorus which is catchy and needs to be played loud...very loud!!!! The Epilogue at the end is crucial for the mood of the track. "Why?" for it's lyrical content and catchy chorus. From here onwards it was basically whatever tickled my fancy at the time, maybe more slower tacks like "You are so beautiful", "Missing You", "2 Hearts in Love", "You've become a part of me" with a few faster fill ins. The Record company was keen on placing "I wanna touch you" in the album which has explicit lyrics and is placed as the last track on the album.'s hot!

Susan: What can we expect from Phill McMurtry in the future?

Phill: I still have so many ideas that I need to develop. These come from a mixture of some really old tracks, as well as some newer ideas using the latest technology in music production.

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"Press Review with Phill McMurtry in 'Hotpress' Magazine"

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Phill McMurtry - Hotpres


1) Debut Album 'Are we nearly there yet?'
2) 2nd Album 'Travelling through the Kuiper Belt'

Available on all Major Music Portals such as iTunes, mTraks, Napster, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, Soundoo, Musicnet, Musicnow, SNOCAP plus many more!!!

Electronicatar has been published by Music2Vision. Music2Vision publishers described it as "Drivin 4 with ital feel piano. Exciting but slightly dark choir. Tense mysterious yet exciting"



Phill McMurtry is a classically trained musician originally from Dublin, Ireland although he has been living in the UK for some years now. He writes and performs his own music, which he also arranges and produces. He admires the work of Radiohead, Prince, Mike Oldfield and Daft Punk. He is influenced by classics such as The Beatles, ELO and 70's rock music. His classical training has also exposed him to great Piano composers such as Mozart, Chopin and Schubert. He describes his music as "classical rock" which he feels gives his music a unique intertwining of Classical and Rock sounds. This should not however be confused with the other genre of music termed 'Classic Rock'

Phill started playing Piano at the age of 7 and gained distinctions in all of his grade exams. He gained Grade Eight by the age of 18 and went on to study for and gain Diplomas from Trinity College London (LTCL's) in Piano Concert Performance and Teaching. His most notable classical success was a third place in the Feile piano competition in Dublin. He began playing Guitar at the age of 14.

His rock career began when he played as part of a school band which performed in school concerts and on other occasions. He played electric Guitar and provided both Lead and Backing Vocals. This band evolved into 'The Pearl' which gigged all over Dublin, including 'The Baggot Inn' and many Clubs. Phill had his first taste of a recording studio with this band when they recorded songs that he had co-written with another band member, Enda O'Conner.

He left the band to become a solo artist and follow his own influences. He performed his own compositions at places such as 'The Sound Garden', in the infamous Temple Bar area of Dublin. It was at this time that he auditioned and became an artist for Kevin Hough, an RTE TV Producer. As Phill's agent, Kevin ensured that he was constantly in demand all over Dublin.

Phill then moved to Germany and formed a studio rock band, QED, with whom he wrote and recorded 3 songs. QED were invited to play these songs on Radio Erft by one of the DJ's. This gave the band exposure but they unfortunately split up a short time later due to Phill's eventual return to Ireland.

He then spent the next few years in Dublin and later London where he wrote many songs. He set up the band 'StonePark' which recorded "You've Become A Part Of Me" with Richard Burton and Bob Waiwright (producers of Gina G's Eurovison hit). His musical career was once again interrupted by another move back to Cologne where he spent the time increasing his portfolio by writing more songs.

Phill is now settled in Daventry, Northamptonshire, UK where he has set up a 192-Track digital recording studio using the impressive recording abilities of Digidesigns Pro-Tools HD|3 Accel + Logic Pro. He has released two Albums worldwide and is due shortly to start working on his 3rd Album!!!

In 2005, Phill McMurtry obtained a Record Contract with WTFD Records. His Debut Album 'Are we nearly there yet?' and 2nd album 'Travelling through the Kuiper Belt' are selling on iTunes, mTraks, Napster, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, Musicnet, Musicnow plus many more! Why not check them out!?!