Phill Veras

Phill Veras


On september of 2013, Phill Veras performed Sunset Rock in Rio stage. He was chosen by internet public among over others 1,200 artists. He had opened the stage at the same day of Ben Harper and Charles Musselwhite concert.


Phill Veras is from São Luis do Maranhã, northeastern brazilian state. Self-taught and disciplined, since 14 years old did not stopped to compose and create his melodies. Wasn't him that went into music, it was music that went into him. And you can see this clearly in his relationship with the composition and even fitting the guitar between his legs.

It is clear that there is a greater force commanding all, and it calls music. Like all his generation, his influence is clear, and we will not talk about them and repeat critical and worn that we live today in an attempt to frame references. Points as talent, authorial originality and poetic simplicity, he take us quickly to his universe. Effortlessly. And he's only 21 years old.

Veras has a relaxed way. A unassuming part bohemian style from Maranhão, even young Phill seems to adapt more easily to bringing you more peace. And his songs leave this heaven even to say things a little more dense. Careful guitar chords and a voice smoothly - subtly dealing about love and melancholy. He opted for the subtle, but nothing that can define it, yet.
After all, he has just begun his journey to discovery his artistic identity.


"Valsa e Vapor" - EP - November 2012
"Gaveta" - will be release in November 2013

Set List

- "A Estrada"
- "Acabou de Acabar"
- "Basta a Coragem"
- "Cambota"
- "Como Nos Meus Sonhos"
- "Desde Mil Quatrocentos e Tal"
- "Dia Dois"
- "Já Vou Tarde"
- Lancei
- "O Velho John Dizia"
- "Pode Vir Comigo"
- "Valsa e Vapor"
- "Vício"
- "Vida Vingará"