Philly Moves

Philly Moves

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN
DuoHip HopAlternative

Soulful, passionate and entertaining, Philly Moves is one of Canada's top emerging hip-hop acts. They have performed almost 200 times across North America, sharing the stage with acts like Lupe Fiasco, Action Bronson, Mac Miller and ASAP Rocky. Using both sample based and original production methods, producer Rockwell crafts complex soundscapes that straddle the line between organic and experimental perfectly, providing a rich canvas for MC Tragic's compelling songwriting and charismatic flow


An award winning, mc/producer duo based in Toronto, Canada; making compelling, alternative hip-hop since 2009.

Philly Moves has been featured in dozens of blogs the world over and in numerous print publications in North America. In addition, they have been very successful on Canada's college charts (several number ones locally and regionally and several top tens and top fives nationally on EarShot spread out through three releases, including the #1 independent hip-hop album in the country in 2012) and on the equivalent charts in the USA (twice in the top 25 on CMJ). 

Played with:

ASAP Rocky, Action Bronson, Blueprint, Blackalicious, Swollen Members, Del The Funkee Homosapien, Mac Miller, Lupe Fiasco, M.O.P., Pharoahe Monch, Choclair, D-Sisive, Saukrates, Inspectah Deck, MSTRKRFT, Canibus, Smif N' Wessun, DL Incognito, Eternia, Jeru The Damaja, Walk Off the Earth, Moka Only, Ghettosocks, DJ Skratch Bastid.

Festival creds:

Canadian Music Week 
North By Northeast 
Ottawa Bluesfest
Indie Week Toronto 
Spring Music Festival 
COCA National Conference 
House of Paint UrbanArts Fest 
Under Pressure International Graffiti Festival 

to conclude...

Hardworking, devoted and undeniably talented, get on the bandwagon now before Philly Moves is huge and you're just another one of the sheep!


Do Wrong

Written By: Tynan "Tragic" Phelan

it go..16 bar schemes, mad grimy like the bar scenes,

ack right keep my raps packed tight like sardines,

pops taught me keep my car-clean, I keeps my shoes polished,

blue collar wordsmith-smith words for a few dollah's

see I spit wit the prettiest flows,

I put this city on my back and watch the city it grows,

get shitty on the prose, and man im witty it shows,

I throw a fitty on the bitty's if they video ho's

gimme gimme, just come wit me, as I get my boogie on

write raps, hype tracks, tight jeans and a hoodie on

heavy metal grunge whitey, fleece plaids don' git it wrong

cuz I keep my kicks fresh, wit a straight brim fitted on

Im almost finished on this song, ya my written is gone

ya spittin is my business and see business is bomb,

in this to win this, I concluded I could do no wrong

baggy ass sweater, straight-leg blue-notes on

no matter if im feelin weak or strong

I could never ever ever wrong

take a sip of the strong and a hit from the bong

I could never ever wrong

keeps it playing when you sick of the song

I could never ever wrong

aint dress right, but my tattoos' is bomb

I could never ever wrong

they say its word play? I play words in the worst way

breakin hearts on the page, mad giftin like yer birthday

fuck what you herbs say, im white as fuck, handsome and clever

throw on some house music, you catch the kid dancin forever

put my hands on the lever and pull, mashin your buttons

ain't my ploy to annoy you, I guess its class i was cuttin

the master of stuntin? outrappin? naw out-vocabbin you's nothin

just keep at it, add/subtract it, its mathematical cousin

aint mackin your muffin, I get mines when I wants it

no reason to taunt kids, no reason to flaunt shit

no reason to expose ill thoughts to my conscience

judgin men by they subconscious responses

at least drama is honest, fake gimmicks is played

cynics is made when no image portrayed

but I keep living the same, handshake grippin you firm

be myself, make mistakes but man I live and I learn

I'm Tired

Written By: Tynan "Tragic" Phelan

yo raise your hands now, if you standing with your hands out

cuz life didnt pan out the way you planned out

I took the foul route, been bent but never bowed out

made designs to take the time but never found out how

baby girl is screaming feelin unneeded

Im feelin defeated, baby misleaded

I need treatment? naw I need a speaking engagment

speakin to change men, I get strange on the stage kid

never phased, sick, Im the king 20 minutes at a time

you can find me spinnin' on my grind

business on my mind, till i finish all my time

one wish or hundreds, man I glisten when I shine

I listen to my mind, so come on get your fists up

tip cups to the ceiling if you sick of feelin ripped off

I let my fists talk, get lit and lift off,

raise your hands if you wit me and you pissed off

Im standing on the corner of sixth street

im running out of time for this week

my heads pounding, my stomachs shakin

its worth it the, hunger makes it

my people stand up, say you sick of being stood on

im lost running though the woods, its a good song

I stood strong I put my red riding hood on,

I see past the nice clothes these fake wolfs put on

maybe I stood wrong, maybe I took the long route

maybe my songs beyond you, maybe my song 'll haunt you

maybe it wants to, one word tugs your heart strings

every bar brings you closer, fly high with charred wings

bizarre things, priorities change hourly

the change empower me, don't let the change devour me

never played it cowardly, Im proud but no ego mane

I see no, speak no, feel no shame

I be ok, hopeful till I d.o.a

I grab a hold and roll the dice like a skeelo game

you feel me?? come on its insane the passion

this inspiration's like a chain reaction