philly-phill mane

philly-phill mane

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forever mane intro

Written By: p. barnett

Well guess whos back up n dis bitch / my dick where kidneys is / fuxk a friend now cum again/cum again /and im aw N /they aw out/crush they faith and rebuild doubt/death toda haters bring dem repers out / my flow is bottles over da head no steve stout/ the truths rare red meat / they lying dead meat / and they run from it track meet / hide the truth like ugly feet / but u now its there / like under wear / the naked truth / liquid courage can provide solid proof / uncle sam dont want you add a th he want youth
Did i go to far /forget that shit pop another bar/drink dat shit hop another bar / this is who I B so who R/ these rats got it backwards nigga Imma star/ in aw black nigga awmastawd / takeN jokes out Imma da king of cards / takeN rappers out im da king of bars / John carter wit da flow Imma da king of mars / wrecking shit nigga no cars / until they cutting checks nigga scares / these niggas verse free they got no bars / no service mane / X2 I don't rap I just sayin / for real wit da flow they just playin / welcome to #4EVAMANE AJ ENJOY IT MANE


Written By: p.barnett

Came threw wit a bad bitch I hope the pussy good / I ain't killa nigga push me/ I wish you would / live 4 Eva mane / they wish they could / would could should/ mannnnnn/ look we bottle popn / America next top models bopn/ Ben & jerries ice cream scopeN/ ballin mane we alley hopn / we in da building they alley hateN/ spending what they yrly making/ in one night that's a low blow/ one night only/ she on dat oh no/ I live 4eva mane wtf is Yolo/ Gucci dis Louie dat wtf is polo/ server dz hos like solo/ hater bk bk don't make my goons gun glow / leave ya face lookn like a butt hole / and all what fo / over a dum ho/ or da fact I got dum doe/like a stupid deer/ murder dat pussy call her Jane doe my deer