Philly Spade

Philly Spade

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THIS KID FROM NEW YORK CITY HAS GOT SOME NERVE! That is exactly what comes to mind when you hear the music of recording artist Philly Spade. In the eyes of others he may come off as a bit "cocky", but to him... he is simply confident and comfortable with his vibrant swagger.


Philly was born Clifton Theus in Georgia in 1986, but soon moved to the busy streets of Brooklyn, New York at the young age of two. A childhood plagued by violence, and drugs all around, he learned quickly how adapted to the up's and down's of Brooklyn street life.

Although circumstances would sometimes dictate the life he chose, as a hustler, Philly Spade was also a poet whose words painted a vivid picture to those who had encountered them. His ambition of living the glamorous life motivated him to pursue his ideas of creating a worldwide rap movement.

Philly Spade was also known as "The Brain" behind the formation of the rap group Street All-Stars, a group whose goal was to expose the individuality and unique styles of each artist. The group would eventually disolve, so decided to take another stab at a creating yet another world-wild rap group. In 2001, he met two other MC's who shared the same hunger for greatness as he did.

Now-a-days Philly Spade has put the “group thang” on hold. Instead, he now feels like “if you want it done right, go solo.” So far, it’s been a recipe for success. This youngster has society hypnotized by his unfinished story. Philly Spade is truly a legend in the making.

Philly Spade