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'So Bright'

Written By: Philip & Marion Henry

‘So Bright’

Verse 1:
Did you see the sun so bright?...

Across the fields so green,

A hue of purple shades the earth,

Towards a bracken screen.

Sparkle in the corn so gold,

Reflecting in the sky,

Look to the horizon,

Where the starlings skim the sky.

Bright land, barley bree,

The braes are spread before me,

Telling all, we need to be free (twice).

Verse 2:
Did you see the sea so bright?...

Across that stretch so wide,

Calling birds, with wings outspanned,

To float above the tide.

Crashing foam, on rocky cliffs,

The standing stones, all three,

Placed be ‘mother nature’,

To remind us, we are free.

Verse 3:
All your thoughts and dreams so bright,

As you gaze across the Ben,

Imagine how it used to be,

When the chieftains roamed the glen,

Kindred spirits, roam the land,

Still striving to be free,

Scotland’s will, to free them now,

Rests firm, with you and me.

Repeat Chorus twice.

Words – Marion Henry
Music – Phil Henry

(Known collectively as ‘Philmari’.

Oh come to the Glens

Written By: Philip & Marion Henry

‘Oh Come to the Glens’

Verse 1:
Oh, come to the glens and the rivers, where living is free,

Where the land meets the sky, and the beauty is for all to see,

Where both real joy and peace, can abide in sweet harmony,

And today is the day when I choose, where I want to be.

Verse 2:
Oh look at the colours so bold, and yet so gentle too,

Where the mist and the flora combine in this sweet, perfect hue,

It is sad, that this image, is privy to so very few,

It’s an honour and blessing to witness, this beautiful view.

Verse 3:
Oh your breath becomes long, and a peace from within you will find,

It’s a gift from a Scotland, so pure and so gentle and kind,

In the valleys and glens, where the beauty bestows peace of mind,

And your hopes and your dreams will evolve, to reality bind.

Verse 4:
Oh stand on the hilltop and gaze at the beauty below,

It’s hard to imagine, in past times, the Scots had to go,

They were driven by peoples, who came from the south as a foe,

They were spread far away, into lands, that they did not know.

Verse 5:
So, come back to this land, which is ours, and where now, you can choose,

The oppression has gone, and at long last we have nothing to lose,

For three hundred years on, and the quarrels and battles diffused,

We’re a Nation again with forefathers, no longer accused.

Verse 6:
There’s a pride in our Nation, that no other man can deny,

We have moved through our time, with a strength that all others defy,

There’s a spring in our step, with commitment that none can decry,

And new power within, which we draw, and we cannot belie.

Repeat Verse 1.

Lyrics- Marion Henry
Music- Phil Henry

Collectively known as ‘Philmari’.


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