Phil Mitchell Band

Phil Mitchell Band

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Phil Mitchell is a musician and songwriter out Chicago. His first album "Morning Star" played at many radio stations in Europe
and the U.S. "America" is Phil's second album and paints a
portrait of America. Phil is in the tradition of Peter, Paul,
and Mary because he is telling an American story..


"America" the album features country, folk rock, blues, dance instrumentals, and classical music. Featured singers include
Tracee Davidson out of Bristol, TN, Kristien Freilich (sings in musicals) and Jack Miuccio (has sung with many great singers).

The album starts out with the song "Take that One Last Chance."
It calls on America to take a chance on love. The second song
"Rescue Me" reminds you that many are still struggling. "America" calls on all to come home. "Do the Trolley" is an instrumental rock piece. "Standing in the Light" paints
a picture of America being settled by Native Americans, war,
and building peace today. "Gently on the Plain" is a haunting
picture of George Washington alive today. "By the River" has a great guitar solo over the Mississippi River. "A Full of Life"
brings in the light of the morning. "Christmas in Grandma's Eyes" reminds us of the light of those who came before us.
"Do you Love Me" asks the question Do we no longer care?
Finally, Phil brings us to the Midnight Sky and ponders....
where are we going?


Morning Star
Phil Mitchell Band

Phil Mitchell Band

Set List

Sets usually last 2 hours.
Songs can be chosen to fit occasion.