The whole-kernel Iowa air reeked of punk rock and farm animals as two brothers desperately pursued The Great American Dream: to become rock ‘n rollers. Guitar and bass in hand, Justin and Kayle Greiman chose one out of the two drummers in the state of Iowa at that time, their best friend, Brett Schoneman. Thus Philmore was formed.

Frat parties, church gigs, and empty clubs had a much greater effect on the individual members of the band than on their slowly escalating popularity. The years on the road shaped them and instilled a work ethic and appreciation of success that would carry them through the tough times. Along the way they recorded two albums: Philmore, Five Minute Walk Records/EMI (June 2000) and The Bare Truth About Philmore, XS Records/Compendia (September 2002). Songs from the latter were soon featured on MTV’s “The Real World” and “Road Rules.”

In January of 2003, Sean Donnelly auditioned and within a week commenced touring in replacement of original drummer Brett. Sean was a perfect fit and joined the band shortly thereafter. After several months on the road it became evident that this was a very different band altogether. Time would be needed to rediscover who they were and where they were going. The next two years would be spent re-tooling Philmore. The three spent countless nights collaborating, writing, creating. The effort was fruitful, but painstaking…the new drummer, Sean, was burnt out and left the band to move back to his Houston home.

Ten years of work for the Greiman brothers suddenly seemed to be in vain. A piece of Philmore seemed to be missing with the departure of Sean. It felt sad, lonely, even depressing. However, the brothers still had each other and still had the desire to give birth to this new creation. These songs, this art that the two had been creating seemed to have a destiny of its own. Try as they may, Justin and Kayle could not stop being Philmore. Kayle began playing the drums again, something he had not seriously touched in over 10 years. Philmore now a two-some, moves forward with the songs that they can’t seem to evade. These songs are written from both times of love and loss. To Justin and Kayle they are the story of the passion that they cannot escape.


Philmore (self-titled) - Five Minute Walk Records (EMI), 2000

The Bare Truth About Philmore - XS Records (Compendia), 2002

Demolition (EP) - 2005

Set List

Tired Of This War
Break It Out
Someday, Somehow
Holding On For Something
Hard Working Dog
Summertime's The Hardest Time
Please Don't Be Love