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The best kept secret in music


""Demolition" (EP)"

When popping this EP into my player, the last thing I wanted was to hear music that picked up where Philmore left off. Luckily, that wasn't the case. Philmore's last release was 'The Bare Truth About Philmore' in 2002, after which they pretty much went off the radar completely. Coming back better than ever is something many bands strive for, but in Philmore's case, I'm convinced it was natural.

Starting with the appropriately titled “Break It Out,” it shouldn't take you more than a few seconds to realize that Philmore aren't exactly the same teeny pop-punk band that they used to be. This song in particular seems like a waste of time on your first listen, but with a few more will find it's way into your head. It's a little less melodic than the others, but equally as memorable. “Tired Of This War” is a solid rock song with thoughtful lyrics, like “Check your heart and leave your weapons at the door / The situations never been this bad before / Another year of bringing out the dead / Strangled by the words that we said / I'm so tired of this war.” “Easier” opens with drums and clean guitars, and slow breaks into another full-fledge rock song. “Summertime's The Hardest Time” uses a choral hook that calls for a repeat. Again, Philmore dish out clever lyrics like “I knew that I got cheated / But I was happy to pay.” “It's A Shame To See You Go” is steeped in reverb, and showcases singer Greiman's talent quite blatantly. Towards the end of the song, a harmonica carries the melody to an all-time high. “Only Fools” bears the most sincere of melodies and instrumentation on the EP. This is by far the best and most mature song on the EP. If Philmore only wrote songs in this style, I would not be disappointed. Think of Sunny Day Real Estate in combination with a younger Coldplay.

This is a solid EP, especially seeing as these songs are demos for a planned full-length later this year. I can only hope now that I've heard a few demos, that the final versions will be better. If you're not a fan of Philmore yet, go check out 3 of the songs on PureVolume, and buy the new album when it comes out. For long time Philmore fans, get your hands on this baby. It's good, cheap, and probably won't be around too much longer. -

""The Bare Truth About Philmore""

"The Bare Truth About Philmore" is an evocative project with even gutsier musical and lyricaly daring. After three years of roadtime and recording, the band has established a fertile rhythm of creativity and expression. Listeners are already turned on to Philmore, and Philmore's future plans promise to keep turning their heads. -

""The Bare Truth About Philmore""

Innovative and hard-hitting, Philmore’s music is anything but canned. In their raw and unrestrained live shows, Philmore fans see the melodic-rock/punk tunes as much more than just performance. It’s who they are and what they are. More insightful than Philmore’s identity are their individual personalities. -

""Pick of the Week""

This week's pick is a band called Philmore. I first discovered them when I was at a Relient K show here in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. Going into the show I had no clue who Philmore was, but coming out I had another band to add to my list of favorites. Philmore really got the crowd going with their music; everyone was having a great time including myself.
Philmore came onto the music scene in 1996 when the Greiman brothers banded together with their best friend Brett and began playing concerts. The fans loved it and Philmore was born, 3 years later they had their first CD release entitled "Philmore". The album is very well done, especially for an independent first record. Just recently Philmore released yet another great disc entitled "The Bare Truth About Philmore". The album is absolutely amazing. The sound on each disc is slightly different, but Philmore's style still shines through.
Philmore can be branded with a few labels such as: Melodic Punk, Christian Punk, or just plain Punk. I am not sure that they fit into any of these labels. Their songs are not all punk, often they vary in style. Philmore has the amazing ability to perform punk songs, but also softer songs as well. The song Until June has the sound of classic oldies mixed with punk. The band can merge styles very well.
If you like punk at all, or even if you really don't Philmore is a great band to check out. -

"Philmore (self titled)"


This three-man band from Iowa blends solid instrumentation with clear vocal harmonies.
Although the constant driving tempo and love lyrics can be annoying to some, Philmore's self-titled debut album has a lot of redeeming features. For one thing, it really is more complex than the first listen reveals. The instruments mesh together very well, and the lyrics are not watered down. While the subject matter of songs like 'In My Boat' and 'Dragnet' are uncomplicated, many of the songs reflect the band's decision to glorify God with their music. While many Christian love songs are accused of being ambiguous about whether the song is directed at God or a girl, Philmore often adds a twist at the end of their songs which directs the attention towards God. This serious twist changes perspective and adds depth to their sound.
They have a great live show, which reflects the integrity and energy of their music.
Many of the songs beg to be listened to over and over again. Philmore entertains while addressing relevant issues.
(Karin M.) -


Philmore (self-titled) - Five Minute Walk Records (EMI), 2000

The Bare Truth About Philmore - XS Records (Compendia), 2002

Demolition (EP) - 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


The whole-kernel Iowa air reeked of punk rock and farm animals as two brothers desperately pursued The Great American Dream: to become rock ‘n rollers. Guitar and bass in hand, Justin and Kayle Greiman chose one out of the two drummers in the state of Iowa at that time, their best friend, Brett Schoneman. Thus Philmore was formed.

Frat parties, church gigs, and empty clubs had a much greater effect on the individual members of the band than on their slowly escalating popularity. The years on the road shaped them and instilled a work ethic and appreciation of success that would carry them through the tough times. Along the way they recorded two albums: Philmore, Five Minute Walk Records/EMI (June 2000) and The Bare Truth About Philmore, XS Records/Compendia (September 2002). Songs from the latter were soon featured on MTV’s “The Real World” and “Road Rules.”

In January of 2003, Sean Donnelly auditioned and within a week commenced touring in replacement of original drummer Brett. Sean was a perfect fit and joined the band shortly thereafter. After several months on the road it became evident that this was a very different band altogether. Time would be needed to rediscover who they were and where they were going. The next two years would be spent re-tooling Philmore. The three spent countless nights collaborating, writing, creating. The effort was fruitful, but painstaking…the new drummer, Sean, was burnt out and left the band to move back to his Houston home.

Ten years of work for the Greiman brothers suddenly seemed to be in vain. A piece of Philmore seemed to be missing with the departure of Sean. It felt sad, lonely, even depressing. However, the brothers still had each other and still had the desire to give birth to this new creation. These songs, this art that the two had been creating seemed to have a destiny of its own. Try as they may, Justin and Kayle could not stop being Philmore. Kayle began playing the drums again, something he had not seriously touched in over 10 years. Philmore now a two-some, moves forward with the songs that they can’t seem to evade. These songs are written from both times of love and loss. To Justin and Kayle they are the story of the passion that they cannot escape.