phil nessy

phil nessy

 Bronx, New York, USA

Reggae soul band with a universal sound. The music is a true expression of reality dealing with all issues and motivation. The music inspires concious thoughts and melodies to keep the audiance moving. 'I am only here for a good time not for a long time' Let us enjoy each others company and live.


Singer/Songwriter, musician, Griot. From his own mouth. I am just a simple guy who happens to be an artist and contribute to all around me within my art form. If it affects me I will express myself not only to identify an issue but more important to look at solutions. Armed with pen and paper and a powerful vocal sling Nessy talks about it all with a main focus of in-lightening those around. My first sound was a cry and expression of a discomfort and have been expressing myself since.

The artistic and creative talent of any human being is almost a blessing from the universe, the ability to create sound with one voice and lyrics that are soothing to the ear and palatable to the ones tasted is simply magical. The power of sound is the fruit to ones soul, and the art to capture sure a talent with and equal amount of conviction and consistency is a rarity for many, but a gift for the few, Phil Nessy is undoubtedly one of the few.  His musical art form is a sweet serenade of Beres Hammond, Dennis Brown, Tarrus Riley with the grit and potency of Peter Tosh,  all rolled into one. His ability to deliver and perform his works on and off stage has been measured as a master piece, a definitely crowd pleaser as he never fails to deliver and tantalize each and every show with his heart. After a long anticipated wait Nessy has decide to hit the main stream arena again and share his art with the rest of the world, delivering his music and videos with the promise to bring Good, wholesome, Universal Vibrations.

The Wait Is Over


Album-My Doctor
Abum- Unhained
Singles- Gi me lovin
Single- little house
Single- Stacy

Set List

let the poor
light me up
the little house
wa you say
cover it up
2 face
shubby shubby

Our typical set is about eleven (11) track which runs for about 1hour