A pop rock act that excels both in studio and live settings - Listeners are hooked with songs in a wide variety of genres including reggae, swing, funk, jazz, and more. Philo's funky basslines, quirky guitar licks, versatile drum stylings and soaring vocal harmonies are redefining Detroit Rock.


Philo (fye-low) emerges from suburban Detroit playing an eclectic style of pop rock. The members of Philo may have very diverse influences but they come together to create danceable songs in genres such as rock, pop, reggae, funk, surf, drum and bass, jazz, and swing. Although the band strives to create its own sound, there remains a sense of familiarity among those who have experienced their music. With funky basslines and versatile drumming forming the foundation, quirky guitar licks and soaring harmonies cap off the sound that is redefining Detroit Rock.

Forming out of life-long friendships, members of Philo have now become committed musicians as well. Growing up together, bassist Mike Boettner, guitarist Ralph Mangeno, and drummer Tim Cooper have witnessed each other’s progression first hand. After seeing little success with other bands, these three joined forces in the summer of 2003 with the goal of making enjoyable music. From a few experimental shows, Philo realized their potential and began to expand on their catalog of songs.

Creating, learning, and performing together, Philo is constantly pushing themselves and crafting new sounds. With a solid set of original songs completed and an abundance of new material in the making, the band is now looking to take their show on the road to bigger and better things.

Philo will be releasing their first full length album titled "Songs for Us" in the fall of 2006.


"Two a Gallon" Philo Single
released: January 2006

"Self Titled" Philo E.P.
released: March 2005

Firetrap Recording Sessions
released: November 2004

Set List

List of Original Songs:

Two A Gallon
Oh, Not Today
Don't Want To
In The Fog
Take It Slow
I Bore Myself
Dark Reggae
Mind Over Manners
Now Lana
The Funk
Taco Bell
Off and Up
Lloyd Christmas

Philo's set of original songs is 45-60 minutes in length.