All members of dissolved upper crest local acts. Got together on an extreme coinsidense. And have been writing music together ever since.


When the premier band in central Ohio was coming to an end, there remained the idea of something new and invigorating. The beginning of Philo came when Corbin Thomas and Ryan Butcher started their project by auditioning drummers. As luck would have it, the first audition found Corbin's ex bandmate Shawn Huff to fit the bill perfectly. Not sure of who the fourth member would be, Corbin decided to take on the task of lead vocalist. The final piece was added when the band found themselves in need of a different instrument. They reconnected with former band member Ryan Wilder and have been writing music ever since.

Philo's collection of diffrent influences range
from bands like Muse, QOTSA, Rush, Coheed and Cambria to Classical. They agreed not to give in to what is going on in music now. Philo exists to create a new Alternative genre by mixing the diffrent styles of each individual member to fuse their new and inventive sound.

Trying to find someone to help make Philo's unconventional vision come to light. They stumbled upon Ben Schegel, a young and up and coming producer in the music industry. Ben has worked with numerous national bands like Chimaira & Drowning Pool. Ben's open minded idealism resulted in the creation of the Philo sound on their debut record "Self Destructive In Dark Part I"

All the members come from diffrent backgrounds and are very involved in all forms of art. From photography and painting, to graphic design and pornography. Philo has an eclectic base of supporters consisting of some of the most talented artists in the Mid-West region.


Self Destructive in Dark Part I

Set List

6 to eith songs, Around 35 to 45 minutes