Philomene Hoffman

Philomene Hoffman

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Philomene Hoffman's music has been described as a fervour of folk rock with classical influences, blended with a fiery celtic edge of eclectic violin, flute and percussion.


Philomene Hoffman is a Canadian singer-songwriter.
HER MUSIC ...folkie, bluesy rock with classical influences, blended with a fiery celtic edge of eclectic violin.
HER VOICE ... " a hot dynamic power house of tender lyrics held in the hands of a spirited jive somewhere between a Joni Mitchell and a Joan Armatrading. "

Hoffman's newest album "HER MUSE" dives deeper into her personal perspective reflections than previous recordings, with Philomene herself examining new corners of her heart and soul in the writing. Individual tracks feature violin, bass, flute, piano, sax and her own mix of folk-blues-rock and classical influences. The bare bones of the songwriting began almost a decade ago with lyrics written while Hoffman lived in Toronto, before moving to Bruce Grey Country, and back.

Born in Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario, Hoffman's performances weave her personal stories about life and her day to day experiences from a quaking, passionate poetess' heart. Since her early days as a little girl she has created instrumental pieces and songs. She shares, "It all started with me playing and singing music in my Babji's kitchen as a kid with my Uncle Wally who plays the accordian."

Hoffman finished a U.S. music tour in 2012 with artist Luke Andrews. Both participated in a three day SongCamp in Nashville, TN and showcased there at two venues, the Commodore and Taps, then moved on to perform shows in Hot Springs Arkansas, Mena, Arkansas and Braedeton, Florida.

Outside of music clubs, touring, recording, Hoffman is teacher, conductor and entertainer who can easily lead a room full of children through song and journey. She has also been a performer as part of the Urban Fairytales Puppet Theatre.

Philomene's MUSIC as a SOLO or DUO is traditional folk rock with baroque string influences . As a TRIO or with FULL BAND her music springs into a fusion of folkie, bluesy rock with classical influences, blended with a fiery celtic edge of eclectic violin and sensual lovemaking string harmonies that hint of a mystical Pink Floyd/Daniel Lanois soundscape.

"It has been an absolute pleasure working with Philomene. She is truly an artist in every sense of the word. I'm honoured to have been a part of her NEW EP "HER MUSE." '" - Andrew Seok, producer/arranger (Jeff Healey, Jully Black, God Made Me Funky (Juno Nominated album), Chantel Kreviazuk)

Philomene Hoffman - Lead vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Alex Cheung - violin
Mikhail Gurarie - bass


NEW EP "HER MUSE" streaming tracks:
1. In The Middle
2. Smack
3. Can You Feel It?
4. Her Muse

CD "LET HER GO" streaming tracks:
1. River
2. Burning Woman
3. Doors Keep Turnin'

Set List

Philomene as solo, duo, trio, or with her band for a one hour show or one to three 40 minute sets.....

Original tunes from Philomene's CD "Let Her Go" and 12 newly written songs.....
Mental Attack
Burning Woman (website audio)
Don't Touch Her
Chippin' Away (website audio)
Let Her Go
Doors Keep Turnin' (website/EPK audio)
River (EPK audio)
Mystery Dancer Moonlight (website film song)
The Riptide (written by Oliver Schroer)

Back Home
Black Rooster
Her Muse
Cement Box
Can You Feel It? (EPK audio)
Baroque It
With The One I Love
Autumn Comes Winter
Snow Falling
plus... a wide variety of Scottish reels and cover tunes depending on the venue.