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Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
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"Stephen Schwartz - Tony Award Winning Broadway Writer"

I love your version! I have to admit it passed the goose-bump test with me... I think it merits attention.

- Stephen Schwartz - Stephen Schwartz

"Philos benefits The Actor's Fund with Stephen Schwartz"

STEVEN SCHWARTZ is, of course, one of the most important composers and lyricists for musical theatre and musical films working today, with an amazing career of stellar achievements. He has been nominated for six Academy Awards and the winner of three. His credits include the animated features Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, as well as last year's smash Enchanted and DreamWorks' first animated feature, The Prince of Egypt. Alongside his film work, Schwartz' incredibly successful stage productions include Godspell, Pippin, The Magic Show and the worldwide phenomenon WICKED.

Is it any wonder that the Actors Fund chose this brilliant composer as the focal point of their exclusive and intimate Musical Mondays, held in the foyer of the Hollywood landmark Pantages (6233 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA). Musical Mondays is The Actors Fund's established concert series of cabaret events, starring and honoring the elite of the theatrical community. It is produced by John Bowab and Martin Wiviott. These performances have become a highly anticipated fund raising staple for The Actors Fund.

A capacity crowd gathered on Monday night, Nov 24th to literarly sing the praises friend and colleague, Stephen Schwartz. Special guests included Michael Arden, Susan Egan, Eden Espinosa, Tyrone Giordano, Jason Graae, Debbie Gravitte, Megan Hilty, Karen Morrow, Philos, Hila Plitman, Eric Whitacre and the Cal State Fullerton Chamber Chorus and all under the masterful hand of the evenings host and program producer, Michael Kerker. Honored guests included Ilene Graff, Melissa Manchester, Patricia Morison and Paul Williams.

The impressive evening began with Stephen Schwartz performing "Chanson" and the Cal State Fullerton Chamber Chorus lending their vocal talents to "Spark of Creation." The audience was treated to personal anecdotes and musical tributes by Michael Arden and Tyrone Giordano ("Corner of the Sky"), Susan Egan ("Lion Tamer"), Karen Morrow ("Blame It on The Summer Night"), Hila Plitmann ("Wondrous Things"), Debbie Gravitte ("It's An Art") and the hugely talented group Philos (Michael Shoup, Jeffrey Harper, Vince Romanelli and Kenny Foster) performing "Defying Gravity." Jason Graae took center stage with Schwartz's hit "Popular," and teasing the accomplished composer with the remark that "Maybe next year you'll graduate from the lobby to the main stage." Bringing the evening to a climactic end was Megan Hilty and Eden Espinosa performing Schwartz's WICKED hit "For Good" and then Mr. Schwartz himself with "Can You Imagine That."

THE ACTORS FUND is a nationwide human services organization that helps all professionals - both performers and those behind the scenes - in performing arts and entertainment. Founded in 1882, The Fund serves those in film, theatre, television, music, opera, radio and dance with a broad spectrum of programs including comprehensive social services, health services, supportive and affordable housing, emergency financial assistance, employment and training services, and skilled nursing and assisted living care. Administered from offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, The Actors Fund is a safety net, providing programs and services for those who are in need, crisis, or transition. -


Single - "Defying Gravity" currently on iTunes

Defying Gravity EP [Side A] - available currently at and iTunes

Defying Gravity EP [Side B] - available March 15th, 2010



We're glad you're using Sonicbids to give working bands a chance in this crazy world, but if you'd like to see more of what we're about please check us out at

Philos: Greek term referring to a friend with an emphasis on deep rooted ties and obligations.

As the definition suggests, Philos is a brotherhood. It's a group of guys that through, good times and bad, continue to be around for each other. It just so happens that what they all love doing is playing music. And they're pretty freaking good at it. In a popular culture overrun with celebrity and an intense focus on privilege and the unnecessary, it's nice to know that there are regular guys you grocery shop next to that want to make extraordinary music.

Whether playing music or playing Halo, the bond is what makes Philos electric; contagious even. It's what people want to come back to see, and it's what people outside of it want to be a part of. Using universal truths and positive meanings backed by epic melodies, they craft songs with sincerity. Their hooks are infectious but their thoughtful lyrics demand and deserve multiple listens to appreciate their depth. It is inevitable that your mind wander to thoughts of your own past when their music hits you. Seeing them live takes you back to childhood basement sessions, only these guys can really play.
Something never overheard at a Philos show: "it was good, but they didn't really seem like they wanted to be here."

In Philos' minds, connectivity is at the heart of everything they do. Not marketing, not opportunity. Connection, love, and acceptance; empowerment, sharing. Consider it an intimate relationship with a band that enjoys the ability to do what they do. Moving people... They thrive on the fact that you know what they’re thinking, and want you to feel along with them. “If country music is about the story, and pop music is about the feeling, it is Philos' understanding that rock is the fusion of the two. They exist to give audiences a reason to believe the band is passionate about what they say, and use their stage as a vehicle to help us realize that “we're all in this together.”

Why Defying Gravity?

Defying Gravity is a song that represents a moment of pure transcendent realization. The moment where everything makes sense. Where the fabric of life opens up and you can see all the way through it, to the end result. It's the moment where a person resolves that no matter what lies between them and their dreams, no matter what is unseen or unknown, whatever hardships life brings them, that they will persevere. They will defy gravity.

“Defying gravity is the call of our generation.” It is a song that has hit the heart of what Philos has always been trying to say. “You will not bring us down.” This generation has been labeled a lot of things: “Generation Y,” “The Slacker Generation”. This generation has been misunderstood. Although this will be the first generation since the Great Depression that will earn less money than their parents, Philos knows that on a long enough time line there's a currency that is more valuable than dollar signs. Tenacity, passion, and hope can overcome a multitude of hardships, something Philos has been writing for and about since the very beginning. It's not just about a feeling, but what that feeling can do to motivate thought and action. To make a difference. To find a way.

Music is about lifestyle choices, but it goes beyond what band t-shirt you have on or what's in your CD library. Sure, we all have “guilty pleasures.” We all have “our jams”.. But the music you keep coming back to is the music that helps you see into life. Peer into what it's really all about. Society has always needed art to help it look at itself. Philos hopes to make art rock as hard as it possibly can. Familiar, but altogether different. They're not spending their time making sure you know how hot they are in hopes you'll be jealous and buy their record. They're Philos, the guys that listen when you speak, crack jokes when you least expect them, and want you to be as much a part of their music as they are.