We are Philosophy, a three piece band from Colorado Springs. We formed in the summer of 2002, and have played many shows since then. and developed a modest following. Our Music can only be described as Alternative Rock with variety. We have Classic Rock, Punk, Metal, and Hip Hop Influences.


The Story of Philosophy Begins with the forming of now defunct Shot of Mezcal in 2000. That lineup included 17 yr. old Eric S. on Bass, Josh Jensen on Drums, Robert Gonzalez on Lead Vocals, and then 17 Josh Berends. They picked up Johnny Martinez after the original drummer Josh J. lost interest. They played their first show in Feburay 2001 in front of only friends and family. The next year Robert Left the band to pursue another vision with a metal band called Ritual Sky. The three remaining members tried to find a new singer for three months before Eric decided to take the double responsiblity, (Singing and playing Bass) The band was now writing new material and needed a new name as well. At that time they were know to the rest of the world as Undecided, until Erics mother heard "Gone" and noted that the lyrics were philosophical. And so Philosophy was born. That same year, they recorded their first demo, a three song cut used to book their first gigs. Through the years Philosophy has played many venues throughout Colorado. 2007 has brought the most opportunity to date. With an album, a mini tour and a rapidly growing myspace following, the band is looking to grow in ways they never thought possible. Philosophy has written over 30 original songs, and has 7 years of experience behind them. "Hopefully promoters and labels will take a chance with us, we risked everything time and time again and the risk is what made us stronger. Not only as a band but as people." says Josh B. Philosophy has only the desire to keep rolling and share thier music with random people no matter what happens!


2002 Demo (3 songs) 2005 Demo (3 Songs) Planets (single 2006) "Natural State" (11 Songs LP) upcoming 2007

Set List

If all original, Our set is 11 songs, Our longest original set was 16 songs. If covers are included 20 to 30 songs.