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Montclair, California, United States

Montclair, California, United States
Band Rock Funk


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AMAZING is not a strong enough word for what took place at Hollywoods famous KnittingFactory on Sunday Oct 5th 2008 where Philosophy of Soul took 1st place in the NEXT BIG THING contest. The competition consisted with more than 50 bands playing 4 songs each. After hours of hearing the same old emo, scremo 3 chord puck music the venue was rewarded with a power trio of 3 young guns that have old souls and magnificent chops. Andy Avila, a soulful blusy rock vocalist smoked on drums with a solo that easily compared to Chad Smith of the Chili Peppers. but they didn't stop there. Steve Castilllo aka Superman belted out some funky lines that could make Jaco fans melt. That combined with guitarists Danny Avila spewing licks that command the attention of any hendrix fans who long for another great rock band! It was obvious by the second song that they are solid songwriters, clever lyricists and have solid vocals that deliver crowd pleasing chants. America has not seen the likes of a youthful band of this caliber. Not only are they the next big thing, the are Americas biggest undiscovered thing till now. - Music Biz Radio . net


Philosophy of Soul - Self titled EP was recorded all at thier Home Studio. Each track was recorded one take then a mix.



Philosophy of Soul Philosophy of Soul is not your conventional or stereotypical band. They are more commonly referred to as Young Musical Hybrids. Their unique and influential upbringing surrounded them with talent and celebrated musicians that helped them create and define their own signature sound. Brothers Danny and Andy Avila are the sons of Hammond Sam Avila who is a renowned B3 Organ blues musician (Walter Trout) and the nephews of Grammy nominated Producer and Oingo Boingo bassist John Avila. The Avila house has always been filled with performers, recording artists, instruments and tons of live music impromptu sessions that exposed the boys to multiple styles and techniques of musicianship. Artists like Victor Bisetti (Los Lobos) Walter Trout (Canned Heat) Tracy G (Dio), Mike Albert (MegaDeth) Jerry Salas (El Chicano) Mike Leisure (Edgar Winter) Rapper Coolio, Sammy Sanchez (Keb Mo, Jackson Browne) John Villalobos (Celia Cruz, Tito Puente).

With only 3 members, theyre sound is powerful, melodic, and memorable to the ears. Stylistically, they sound like six musicians combined. Imagine a collision of Stevie Wonders soulful vocals, Stevie Ray Vaughns guitar chops, Incubus funk and grooves with the Red Hot Chili Peppers high energy and delivery. Now combine that musical scenario with strong hooks, universal lyrics and youth, and you will get their definition of the Philosophy of Soul.

Philosophy of Soul is Andy Avila, 21, Danny Avila, 20, and Steven Supa Steve Castillo, 21. The Avila brothers have played together since childhood but collectively they formed this trio tree years ago (2005). Andy plays drums with great skill and dynamics while performing all the lead vocals, which is no simple task. Danny shreds on guitars (acoustic & electric) laying down signature riffs and melodies and performs back up vocal harmonies. His influences, Jimi Hendrix and Johnny Winter, can be heard through his techniques and skills. In addition he won several rounds of Guitar Centers King of the Blues competition in 2007. Supa Steve provides the high energy stage presence, and the alternative rock grooves with vocal harmonies. And just when you think youve imagined all they can do visualize them as they rotate 360 degrees and play each others instruments while singing in three part harmonies . HOT NEWS!!
Philosophy of Soul wins THE NEXT BIG THING contest Oct 5th 2008 at Hollywoods famous KNITTING FACTORY! The boys will be spending their hard earned cash on updating thier gear and equiptment!