Phil Pierce

Phil Pierce


The rust belt, the bible belt. It all stars to fade into one. Analog turns to digital. Family turns to individual. Lines are blurred. Transition seems attainable, but when the hook sinks in and you can't tear it out. You just leave it in and hope it heals.


I remember a few years ago when I was still living in Rochester, there were six months between the first snow fall and the last. That was something i thought of as normal for a long time. It wasn't till I had spent time in Oklahoma and then New York, that I found that to be a little bit jarring. Not only the snow, but the fact that there isn't very much sunlight and it rains quite frequently in the other seasons. It started to dawn on me the effect my environment has had on me.
Recently a friend who didn't grow up in western New York mentioned how direct those of us who have are. I realized how normal my conclusion was in music. Writing direct songs that cut through. The point is trying to be direct in a chaotic and confusing city/life/world. It is very difficult, but i guess that is the goal.


Roman Hearts (2004) LP
Love The Sinner (2008) LP

Set List

Cut Myself
Someone New
Prison Cell
She's the One
the Fourth of July
Just Like Hell's Bells
Love the Sinner
Some Girls
Like I thought
the Drowning Song

Typically the set is around 30 minutes and it's mainly all original songs