Phil Shivers

Phil Shivers


Playing americana and folk I love to play in front of an audience because that is where my music belong. Phil Shivers is damn good live ;-) Listen to Phil Shivers and you will know why.


Phil Shivers is from Copenhagen. Rooted in the Americana/folk-genre Phil Shivers digs, with dobro/acoustic guitar and vocals at the center of things, deep into the singer/songwriter-tradition.

The music is centred on inviting tunes and gripping melancholy in “country/folk’s” own language. The songs are simple and sincere and creates room for details - and therefore an opportunity to sit down and listen and let you into the music. The simplicity and presence is the music’s strongest weapon.

I’m Evil? is my debut and has been recorded in a small wooden summer residence from the 70’s in just one week, with the notion: that the best way of doing things, is to do them yourself.

So far the Danish music magazine GAFFA has given Phil Shivers 4/6 for a record that “sets a very promising tone for future recordings from the Danish americana band”.

I believe that it’s live that the music has to be played and the audience has to be met.


"I'm Evil?" - 10 track ep released in March 2009

Set List

A typical set for Phil Shivers is about 50 min, but if you want more you can have it!

1: Comming Home
2: Sleepy time
3: I'm evil
4: Gather around
5: Everyone's not you
6: See your filly
7:A day
8: Just to see you in the morning
9: Boxes
10: Personal paradise
11: Superfluous
12: On/Off my mind
13: Drinks and lays