Phil Varone

Phil Varone

 New York, New York, USA

Stand combines heartfelt energy and excellent song craftmanship to deliver songs that range from loud and gritty to mellow and dramatic. Their combination of 2 very harmonic vocalists over hookie guitar lines provide a breath of fresh air in a music world full of mundane rock and puffy pop.


Phil Varone is an accomplished drummer, music producer and songwriter best known for his work with bands Saigon Kick and Skid Row. After 18 years in the music business, Phil left in 2004 to pursue a new career in entertainment. He spent the first two years producing the feature length documentary ‘Waking Up Dead’, released June 2007.

‘Waking Up Dead' is a documentary that follows Phil Varone while on tour with Skid Row and his addiction to Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll. Phil wants to share his story with today’s youth so that they do not fall into the same trap that he did.

Phil will be showing a short clip of the documentary then sharing his experiences and his stories with the audience. The audience will have a question and answer period, where nothing is off limits.

Phil has a natural ease on stage that makes audiences really connect to him and his stories. Phil is truthful, honest and easy to communicate with. By sharing his story, experiences, as well as answering questions, Phil’s goal is taking it one day at a time and enjoying life, drug free.