phineas j. whoopie

phineas j. whoopie


A modern/pop/rock band out of Miami Florida. with great hooks and melodies.PJW brings back the up beat sing a long rock that is fun to listen to.Besides, "EVERYBODY NEEDS A LITTLE WHOOPIE"


Phineas J. Whoopie (pjw) is modern/pop rock at it's best! with influences from u2 to catherine wheel to toad the wet sprocket.PJW is bringing back the rock that people could dance and sing along with, but with a little more edge.



Written By: phineas j. whoopie

got a light,caught a flight
gonna make my way to vegas
in the seams in between
gonna wrap myself around it
on the fly end of time
gonna tuck away tommorow
in the cracks of the night sky
i'll flatline through to you

start and then
your convertible and topless
when it rains don't complain
your vertical and flawless
as you twist in the mist
gonna tuck away tommorow
on the fly end of time
wait and see, they'll celebrate me..

lost on this playground
i can't find my way out
lost on this playground
i can't find my way....


Poetry Clown-(cd)-1998-
22 minutes and change-(ep)-2000
Second Time Around-(cd)-2003

Set List

our set list usually consists of the new material with a few old tunes thrown in.we sometimes cover coldplays "yellow" and dada's "dim"..when we're in the mood.our sets run anywhere from 35-55 minutes,depending on the venue and time slot.our latest set was
2.automotive doghouse
3.second time around
5.caramel coated life
6.can u feel me
7.missed it