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1) The First Attempt (2003)
2) SG-Unit (featuring on a few songs) (2003)
3) SG Compilation 2003 (featuring on a few songs) (2003)
4) The Phitstape (2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


I started rapping when I was in Johannesburg, South Africa. I was 11 years old at the time. A family friend, Chite, had come over to stay with us, and he brought along his passion for rap music. I listened to music he had composed in his little studio in Malawi, and I was amazed. His lyrical skill and original instrumentals were amazing. I admired him greatly, and very soon I said to myself that I wanted to compose my own music. Even at that young age, I felt that there was already too much rap music about violence, killing, etc. I wanted to be different. Like Chite, I wanted to be original. I took on the challenge of writing Christian rap. I say challenge because at the time, it seemed that there was not much one could rap about when it came to God. I did it anyway, and those first few years were horrible. I didn’t know how to rhyme well, and my songs were just not catchy at all. Chite was up front with me and told me what didn’t work and what did, and what areas I needed to improve in.
When my family moved to Switzerland, I would often rap with my friend Gilbert (a.k.a. G-I-Lyrics). When I got my first minidisk, Gilbert and I decided that we would try to record a song and see how it sounds. Using DMX’s “Ruff Ryder’s Anthem” instrumental, we composed our own lyrics, and recorded the whole song. The result not only surprised us, but many of our friends. That was when I realized that God had blessed me with a talent that I could explore and become better at. Of course, the sound quality on our earlier songs was not too good, but we still recorded for fun.
When I moved to St. Georges (boarding) School in Newport, Rhode Island, I became friends with two people who would become very influential in my life – Louis Hsu (a.k.a. XiX) and Inbae Lee. When Louis heard some of the songs I had recorded, he became excited – he said that he wanted to be my producer. He was so serious and dedicated that he helped buy the necessary equipment for home recording so that the sound quality would be better. We searched for beats from artists on and with the record companies’ permission I’d rap on them and distribute them to friends, while Louis did the producing and the singing wherever it was necessary.
When my junior year arrived, Louis, Inbae, and my friends’ group called the Lyrical Dynasty were deep in our recording and taking it seriously. As spring approached, I worked closely with Louis and Inbae on my first album The First Attempt. I was only able to sell it within school because the beats were not my own, and the deal that I had made with the producers of those beats was that I could use them for free as long as I sold them within school. The response I received from this album was beyond what I expected. I realized that people liked my music, so I was encouraged to become even more involved. Before the end of the school year, I was involved in two more albums, SG-Unit, and SG Compilation (SG stands for St. Georges, the high school I attend).
When summer arrived I mostly did a lot of writing and worked on my freestyling skills. At the end of summer, I bought a program that would prove to challenge and expand my horizons – Fruity Loops Producer’s Edition. I studied the program. It took quite some time for me to familiarize myself with it, but once I did, I added “producer” to my resume.
This last spring I finished work on my sophomore album The Phitstape, and sold several copies at school. I collaborated with several talented friends, and most of the beats are produced by me. I bought two custom made beats from producer Platinum Tips, and my friends Jason (J Rock), Dwayne (Dubbz), and Jung (D Jung) each contributed by producing one or two beats to the 17-track CD.

Next year I will be attending college in Nashville, TN, where I hope to certainly further my rap skills.